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Sunday, October 31, 2010

To Be a Witch

'When I name myself a witch it is a statement of empowerment, claiming my Goddess given divinity and place in an all-embracing community of believers, but it is also a challenge to myself to fully embody that title, to live up to it and into and with it. To weave magic and honor the Divine in all life, to hold ritual as a sacred way of offering gratitude and love and joy for the gift of exisitence, this is to be a witch. To find a way to live simply and in harmony with nature, receptive and present in the moment, admist the chaos and bustle of modern life, this is to be a witch today. To remember our roots, our herstory, our childhood selves and the inner gypsy spirit that bekons us down the shady glittering forest trail...

I name myself witch to connect to those who died for their belief. I name myself a witch as a free spirited, nature-loving Faery-seeking, magic making, daydreaming, hopeful, grateful, playful, sacred, passionate, pagan manifestation of Divine Love.To be a witch is to embrace the all of life, to bend and weave the energies that flow around us for magical, healing, sacred purposes.' -excerpt Casey Sayre Baikus 2008  

 ~ Nicole


  1. the most beautiful witch I ever did see:):)

  2. And what a gorgeous mama witch you are! Positively bewitching!
    xo maureen

  3. So so lovely... couldn't have put it better myself .... What a lovely light you have beautiful witch.... (my daughter loved loved loved your hat... we collect them, i have since the day she was born, 10 years ago. That was the day i began to truly believe in the magic of mother earth..her pet name is "my little witch.." BTW her real name is Willow. What a lovely post...
    light and peace
    autumn mama

  4. LOVE this! Just found your blog through Wardrobe Wednesday x

  5. LOVE it!! I have to borrow this!

  6. Love this! Beautiful costume too.

  7. I love that, just wonderful. I do believe that to reclaim the title of witch is to reclaim a powerful sense of our own selves, of what we can do. I found this lovely to read, thank you for sharing it.


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