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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mother Nature's Magic

We started this weekend with a bonfire under the gorgeous full moon in Aries (which I just happened to be an Aries).  It was a magical and mysterious night for the little ones. They played outside in the dark and learned that it wasn't as spooky as first thought.  The air was cold and fresh - perfect sleeping weather. We awoke to a frigid 37 degrees and by the end of the day it reached 70 degrees - a splendid Fall day. We walked to our local farmers market and bought fruits and vegetables for our late harvest feast. I promised the girls that there would be a star in their apples when we returned home. They were delighted to discover Mother Nature's magic.

Geir, my husband made a delicious vegetarian chili. I love when he cooks and I especially love that he makes a few dinners out of one. I look forward to heating up his chili on a cold, fall night. After napping, Vivian came downstairs and became very excited when she saw our  newly decorated dinner table or was it the Kit-Kat that the Fall Fairy left on her plate? With her it is hard to tell. She asked if it was her birthday - which was a great lead into explaining the wonders of Autumn - a favorite season of mine. Last month we were too busy with our new house to celebrate the Fall Equinox - so today we celebrated. After dinner we took a long walk in the dark scaring away ghosts and goblins.

Ella made this doll last year and I hope to have Vivian make one this year. I haven't been lucky enough to find the how-to instructions - perhaps you might know how and can share with us? 

While the little one napped I cleaned up our Fall shelf. It is just the right height for the little ones to see and touch. The girls are very involved and are always on the look out for items to add to our seasonal shelf. I no longer have to prompt them to find gifts to bring inside- it is their nature - they are invested in it and I find that magical.

Our family celebration inspired me, brought about some magic and continued our family tradition of honoring Mother Nature.



  1. I am actually making yarn snowmen with my Brownie troop in an upcoming meeting. Here is a link for yarn dolls. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Yarn-Doll

    I love reading about your adventures!!

  2. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Yarn-Doll

    Just Google "yarn doll" and you'll get all kinds of how-to's. (:

  3. an absolutely beautiful way to celebrate nicole! thank you for sharing this post and beautiful photos!

  4. Your nature shelf looks beautiful, the girls must be so pleased with it.
    The woolen doll instructions are in a book I have called 'feltcraft- making dolls, gifts and toys' by Petra Berger. Email me if you want me to post you a copy of the relevant pages.

  5. Hello dear friend:)
    I have just read Kye the story of the apple with the star inside, he loves it:)
    Take care

  6. Thank you for the link Tyla. I loved your recent photos of your girls!

    Yes - I will google too. Thanks ;)

    Gardenmama - it is never too late to celebrate - thank you for yoru kind words.

    SS- just checked out your recommendation on Amazon - it is now on my wish list. Thank you.

    Linda - didn't know about a book. What is the title - would love to share it with my girls.

    Peace to all.

  7. beautiful photos....I esp love your table...mmm veggie chili..mmmm...

  8. I really love your beautiful blog! The magical stars inside of apples is always amazing to behold...even with older children. Happy Autumn!

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend....I love fall too!

  10. Lovely pics! Love your shelf too! x

  11. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog and am happy that I did. My 4 year old son, (5 next week), really enjoyed a story called The Little Red House With No Windows or Doors and a Star Inside. The look of wonder and amazement when we cut into the red apple was truly beautiful. I love your dinner table. Hooray for husbands who cook!
    xo Jules

  12. Hi there ! just thought i would stop by... you know - my daughter (she is 10 now) was just sharing with her friend yesterday the story i told her about stars inside apples and how they got there... i have been telling her the story since she was 3 and my mother told me when i was young... this warmed my heart to see the stars in your apples...
    Thanks for sharing ....
    light and peace
    autumn mama

  13. Jules - thank you so much for the story. i just printed it out and can;t wait to share it with the little ones.

    Autumn Mama - I want my girls to have the same magical memory - so simple - an apple and a story.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  14. i love your table setting, so cosy. beautiful nature shelf. and i must check out that scarecrow book. i was hoping for a 'book' label on your sidebar.

  15. What a beautiful post! I find that I'm really taken in by the beauty of our natural world...I mean, look at that apple star...it's simply magical how nature does that, (and how does nature do that???) How wonderful to share the magic of our natural world with children!
    xo maureen


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