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Friday, October 8, 2010

Frugal Friday - Lucky on Craig"s List

A few weeks back, I found a swing set on Craig's list 4 blocks from where we live! It was meant to be - although the logistics of bringing  it home was a little tricky. Thanks to my husband, Dad and most of all my friend Jen with the BIG truck we now have a swing set and a picnic table that were handcrafted by  the Amish in Lancaster Pennsylvania  -- all for $70!!! 

We love our new yard! It is a space that we spend a majority of our time in along with Earl our Squirrel.

Earl is not shy and he can be quite intimidating - he has made our yard that much more exciting. I reassure Vivian that Earl does not eat little girls (about fifty times a day) ...she wants to believe me but it is hard for her. I don't blame her. Sometimes I think he is going to take a bite out of me!

My biggest pride and joy are these tree stumps left by the Tree Fairies.  Vivian loves to balance and jump her way to the top - she is "KING OF THE CASTLE" - so she exclaims.This afternoon Ella and I practiced sun salutations on them. I could feel the tree's energy as I balanced myself.

I look forward to this weekend.  We plan to build a fire pit and a fairy house.   



    and how very beautiful!
    kimberton is having a square dance this coming friday.....maybe you can come? we are so excited! yee haw!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful find the swing set is, your girls must be over the moon. Your squirrel cracked me up, he looks so cute but then I have never seen a squirrel in real life (we don't have them in New Zealand).

  3. That is such a sweet deal! I love the picnic table and looks like the girls do too. Hope you are well, it has been busy but I'm settling into a very happy place and things are coming together...hope to get back to blogging soon.

  4. Enviable climbing structure! Honestly enviable teamwork. I have seen fabulous wooden play structures like this for free, but can't pull it together to go pick up such bulky items!


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