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Monday, October 11, 2010

Corner of My Home - Kitchen Cupboard

I bought this little sign as my way of giving myself permission to go where I am going, in the direction of my dreams...homeschooling. When people ask me what school the girls attend  - I reply with the shocking truth "I homeschool." The main response that I get is why - naturally and/or "you're crazy" with a half smile. My decision to homeschool has nothing to do with people's decision to school their children, and yet sometimes they feel defensive in our discussion of why I homeschool. All of my life I have made my own path, the hike was never easy. I am not leaving a trail specifically for people to follow. I don't think homeschooling is for everyone, just like yoga is not for everyone. The trail is for me if I ever need to come back and use the school system. 

Homeschool is our way of life. It works for us and best of all we enjoy being a family. How does homeschooling make you feel? 

Namaste. Nicole


  1. Your life is of your own choosing. No matter what others think if you are confident in your choice than that's the way to go. I can't wait to read about it

  2. Beautiful posting! I do not homeschool yet, but I wish you strength as you head down a wonderful road with your children. Best wishes! Kerri

  3. I looked into homeschool when Reagan was about to start Kindergarten, but with a baby I thought it would too much for me to handle. We are lucky to live in a wonderful school district with wonderful dedicated teachers so I know my girls are in great, loving hands! Good luck on your homeschooling quest. You're a wonderful Mother and your girls are going to learn so much from you!!

  4. We just started Homeschooling this year and the questions started flowing in right away. The thing is only you know what feels right for you family so you have to follow your heart. It seem like the way that you parent is very similar to Homeschooling so I am sure it will be a smooth transition for you.

  5. I'm in the same boat as you, I'm afraid so I have no advice to offer. My daughter just turned 2 and from the start, I've thought of home schooling. EVERYONE that I share this with has the same reaction as you've encountered.
    I hope someone's able to offer you some words of wisdom. Maybe you could pass them along? =)

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  7. Thank you Imene - and how right you are.

    Kerri - thank you for your best wishes and kind words.

    Tyla - you would have a full school house by now! Thank you for your support. Let's meet up soon.

    Maura - so true about homeschooling being very similar to my parenting. Right now it is all about imitation for them and for me creating a loving environment in my home and of course spending as much time outside as we can. I worry a bit about how my oldest feels about it and I want to be able to handle the questions better so that she can too.

    Rebecca - I always have so much to say to your replies!!! I am thankful for our new friendship and can't wait to meet up. I haven't square danced in many years - but last time I did I had a blast! Talk soon.

    And to the secret commenter - thank you.

    I feel this is the beginning to something very wonderful - and to all wonderful things - there are rough edges to smooth out.

    My new friend Kim left a wonderful comment on my FB page. Her suggestion was to answer quite simply - "It works for us." I love it. Thanks Kim.

  8. Beautiful Post....:)

    Thank you on your lovely comment about Katie....

  9. Hi Nicole
    We have always home educated. We made the decision when our first child was a small babe. It is simply our way of life, it becomes natural if it feels right, just as with all things. I love that card - I wish I had one!
    Best wishes

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  11. I find that most people are so positive when I tell them we homeschool, I often get the response, "I don't blame you", or "I wish I could have done that". I think it all depends on how positive you are...I always smile and say how lucky we are to be able to homeschool, (with me only working on weekends)...I also add, just so people who can't homeschool don't get defensive, "it's not for everyone, most families have to have 2 people working all the time to make ends meet, etc...!"
    I think when you know in your heart that you're doing the right thing for your family, it just shows and people can pick up on it and be positive about it with you!
    Happy homelearning!
    xo maureen

  12. Love that sign! I think that is a motto to live by for sure. Honestly I don't really say that much to people and I don't take their comments to heart either. People will always struggle with what is unfamiliar and I honestly think that they often say silly things because they just don't know how to react. I've had the 'you're brave' or 'you're crazy' reaction. I just laugh and tell people that being a mum is hard full stop whether your kids are in school or not. That also helps to build bridges with other mums helping them to know I am not holding myself as superior in some way.

    You are doing what is right in your heart, this path isn't meant for everyone but that is good, that way it isn't too crowded ; )

  13. I am the homeschooling mama of 2 children 10years and 12 years... in hind sight i can tell you i would not change a thing... it has been a lovely, natural, inspiring way for all of us to learn. It can be difficult to do something that is out of what is considered "the best thing" by the regular standard. For some of our friends and family we have been an example of what home school actually is, and not what it is so often "percieved" to be. Enjoy the wonderful road of homelearning, and remain the lovely confident Mama that you are... everything will be as it is supposed to be for now.... and you will begin to feel more confident about your decision as you move down the road little by little..
    light and blessings to you all
    Autumn mama.

  14. Hi Nicole, I just stumbled upon your lovely blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspiration! I live in south jersey and also plan to homeschool our 4 year old and baby in the Waldorf tradition. It's not easy to walk such a unique path (unique at least in my neck of the woods!), but well worth it to follow our heart's leading. We'd love to find other families to celebrate festivals with, etc.

  15. I get the same thing. Your child's going to be wierd...etc...etc. My advice is to keep following your heart and do what you are doing. And be sure to always keep the kiddos in something active and social. :)

  16. Maureen - I do get some positive comments and you are right - it is a privilege to homeschool. It just troubles me when my girls hear the not so nice reactions. I like your response that "it isn't for everyone." That will definitely help there. Thank you.
    Emmalina - I hate crowds - so yes thanks for pointing that out - made me smile.
    Autumn Mama- I think your right - my feet are just getting wet! It is people like you that encourage me and for that I am grateful. XO
    Kelly, Anne, Jessica and Funky Mommy & Anonymous - thank you for leaving me some love. Your comments always makes me feel connected - which is so important to Mama's like us!
    Jessica - keep in touch I'd love to get a group together.


  17. I would love to homeschool, and I feel my heart is longing to try. I want to be THAT person in my child's life. I want to be there for the moments and to be her main teacher. I could go on and on for other reasons, but none of them are b/c I see public schools as horrible un-Christian places. Side note--- I also wish I could live in the country with acres to garden on and lots of earthy stimulation for my kids... then the benefits of a more bustling small city 30 min. away. Unfortunately, my husband really wants me to go back to work when both kids reach kindergarten age. I think I will cry all week before I have to send my first one. I feel a sense of obligation to go back.... the better health benefits, more money, no that we are trying to live extravegantly, and I can get off every holiday and every day that the school gets off b/c I can find a job as a therapist in the schools adn work with the special ed kids. Anyways, I ENVY those that homeschool. It rocks. Just lots of work to get all the socialization in, which is not a problem so long as effort is made. If I won the lottery, I wish I could send them to an expensive Waldorf school... they don't even have one here in GA outside of Atlanta where I live. Good luck to you. Guess we all must learn to love and be grateful for what we have and what we can do, and not compare ourselves. Love your blog. Ginger


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