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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - Yoga Room

A room to call my own! I know many of you have a yoga room - I have seen your posts about your very unique and sacred place. I'd love some ideas of how to create my space. Please comment or leave a link. 

"Obsience to Her
Who is Pure Being, Consciousness, Bliss.
As Power,
Who Exists in the Forms of Time and Space,
And All That is Therein, 
Who is the Divine Illuminatrix in All Beings."
  ~ A Tantric Prayer


  1. i'm thinking very minimal....and sage green flowing curtains...looks beautiful!

  2. You definitely need a buddah and an altar to start...how exciting to have your very own Yoga room!

  3. Oh...you are so lucky to have a little space to call your own!
    We live in a super small house...I've carved out a little craft "nook", that is totally mine. It's a corner, but hey, I'll take what I can get!
    xo maureen

  4. Oh wow Nicole! Your own yoga room! How wonderful:) I cannot wait to see its progress:)

  5. Lucky lucky you! I don't do yoga, probably should, but I would happily take a room of my own!

  6. I'm afraid I have no advice for you. But I have to say that your room is beautiful. I love the view, the floors and that bay window! Enjoy setting it up.

  7. Sage - will be the color of the walls - as is my current condo bedroom and I just love how it makes me feel. Have the Buddha - need an alter.

    I look forward to this space - my husband will have a nice office and own bathroom - the rest of the house will have little finger prints everywhere -- just like it is supposed to.

    Thank you for your comments. I love the chance to communicate with people the same height as me without having to leave the house.


  8. Oh I am so jealous!! It looks like a perfect space.

  9. So lovely. I know you are going to make it wonderfully yours. Yoga blessings in there.


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