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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goddess Wednesday -- House Blessing

Last night my sister and a Goddess friend joined me in blessing my new home. Their presence was so important to me. I could not have felt the calmness and sincere intentions without them. I did a little research on how to bless a house - and I have learned that just about all faiths have a special ritual. The rituals I choose were the ones that felt right to me. I gathered a few tools: sage sticks, rose water, salt, vinegar, dried lavender, crystals, candles, new brooms and my husband's cherished singing bowl. I also brought a few of meaningful objects and set up an alter on the fireplace. My sister and I smudged the entire house as well as the perimeter with burning sage sticks to remove old energy and to invite new energy. My friend followed with spritzes of rose water as I made my intentions of the house be known. "May peace, happiness and love fill our new home - may it comfort us in sorrow and sickness - may it protect us and keep us safe." The singing bowl filled the air with its song and chime. We sprinkled salt in the corner of each room to banish bad energy that may have been trapped. I then prepared a  bucket of water with salt and vinegar and wiped down the surfaces in the house to cleanse and welcome  the new energy. As I did this I sang along with Snatam Kaur - whom I love dearly. Perhaps you'll fall in love with her too - enjoy the video and her energy. 

The house is now ready for us to move in - which will happen in two short days. Rain is in the forecast which seems to go along with our wedding that was canceled due to Hurricane Lenny. We did eventually get married - that story is for another day. We can withstand torrential rains but I am hoping for light showers and maybe even a rainbow. Below is a photo that speaks the how and why of our new home. It sits upon the alter that I set up, yet hides in the following photo. However you'll see in the next photo the most delightful accomplishment of our love for each other - a framed photo of our two happy girls. 

I read aloud two blessings. The one below is  my favorite - I found it while googling and the author in unknown.

Blessed Goddess, most gentle one, 
calm my home for me.
Relieve all tension, send it far, 
so from stress we shall be free.
Touch my family with peace and calm, 
and the sweetest softest bliss, 
bless my home, Great Gentle Goddess, 
with your calming kiss. 

My dear husband just informed me that it is Tuesday - opps.


  1. what a special, sacred event! thanks for sharing...and you look so lovely standing in your new space!

  2. What a lovely blessing ritual for your new home.

    I will pray for very light showers on moving day!

  3. What a beautiful blessing you gave your home. Thank you for sharing. It was so special to be able to be a part of it. I hope the move goes splendid. Sending happy thoughts your way, always.

  4. What an amazing idea....loved the video...thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. What a wonderful ritual - thanks for sharing! I hope you and your family spend many happy years in your new home. :)

  6. Nicole, so great to see photos of the house blessing. It looks beautiful and sounds just right. It is such a blessing to see others find a home and make it theirs. Blessings.

  7. How wonderful Nicole, so beautiful:)

  8. Love how you blessed your home. Very nice. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog a while ago, because of you I am enjoying Snatam Kaur as well.

  9. I like to do this at least once a year in my house. At the very least, do a smudge of every room, just to clear the air so to speak!
    Enjoy your new home...how wonderful and exciting!
    xo maureen

  10. What a beautiful thing to do for a home...thank you for sharing it with us. I live far away but if I were your neighbour I'd bring you a warm welcome and a giant basket of home made goodies :)

  11. Hi Nicole
    Your new home looks inviting already! I have posted a Women of Substance award for your lovely blog over at mine www.mamamoontime.com! Happy moving day!!

  12. Thanks for leaving me some love with your comments!

    Peace and Love to you all,


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