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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Watercolor Tuesday - Just Water

The water is cold in Norway but very clean and fun! There was not one goose to be found! The lake that sits above and feeds into this bathing lake is drinking water for the surrounding village. The water in Norway tastes sweet, pure and very refreshing. Geir said his swim with the girls made him feel like a new man - and the girls felt like they had accomplish a huge triumph - and they did!

Our week in Norway was not only nice to visit extended family but it was also equally special  to spend a whole week together as a family. This would be the first time since Vivian was born. I dreamed of days like this - having a family and creating memories that will be reflecting upon for the rest of our lives. I loved going to the lake as a young child and I have such fond memories of splashing away in the sun with my Mom, Dad and Big Sister. I am blessed to be able to give the same to our daughters. They are lucky to have such a  hands on, enthusiastic, gentle and very dedicated father - and one who will venture out in to freezing cold water!!! I should have gone in with  them - Geir looks 10 years younger and  I am convinced that it must be this pure, clean, beautiful, Norwegian water. 

Thank you Onkle Ole for taking us here. We will never forget it. 

I like the idea of focusing on water on Watercolor Tuesday this Summer and putting the painting aside. There are so many fun and interesting opportunities to be in touch with water - it is after all the softest substance on earth - and we could all spend more time in softer places.



  1. oh, it looks so beautiful and refreshing:) you must have had an amazing time, all around:) have a safe trip home!

  2. Absolutely beautiful...how could you NOT have gone swimming...I would have jumped in clothes and all. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Ahh looks beautiful, reminds me of my native Denmark, well the water, not the mountains:)
    Sweet holiday fun...

  4. That water looks gorgeous, and I'm all for no geese! They kind of ruin some of the beaches where I live.

  5. We did have a good time - it was so different from home. We brought coffee and rolls to eat at the lake - here it is watermelon and ice tea.
    The outside temp was 72 not very hot so I didn't feel hot enough to go into the water - a missed experience for sure.

    Spent a day in Denmark - years ago without kids - now that was fun!!!

    Thanks for your comments - I love the connection.

  6. Dawn - lakes just aren't the same with the geese and all the poop.
    It is sad.

  7. That water looks so clean and fresh. I miss the fresh water from my homeland (Canada). Although the oceans in Australia are beautiful, there is nothing like a lake on a summer's day! xo m.

  8. Thank you for sharing your vacation - so beautiful.


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