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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Watercolor Tuesday -- Heart-Shaped Puddle

 Vivian was just in love with  this summer time puddle. The squealing and laughter coming from her made my cheeks hurt from all my smiling I was doing while photographing the joy she was having.  My little ones are professional puddle jumpers and splashers and they haven't met a puddle they didn't like. Here is a puddle from six months ago. Puddles make my Top Ten list of what kids need. I haven't thought of the next nine - but I will. It will keep my mind occupied while I am waiting for the keys to our new home. 


Last week, I decided to put the paints away and just focus on water for the rest of the summer. Perhaps you'll join me. If you'd like to - leave a link to your post about your family's fun in the water.



  1. A lovely heart puddle. cheers Marie

  2. It really IS a heart shaped puddle!
    How magical!
    xo maureen

  3. this is very sweet, indeed:)
    so glad to hear from you....yes, kimberton is a beautiful place...the community is so tightly knit around this school; you can feel it. Such a great little town!
    I am interested in touring the philadelphia waldorf school in the fall--have you been there yet? If you haven't, maybe we can meet there!
    I am hoping to teach early childhood waldorf...I was offered an assistant position at river valley for the fall, but I declined...my son is still so tender and young; I can't imagine leaving him with anyone. Hopefully the position will be available when he is at an appropriate age so I can bring him with me! until then, I will continue reading, growing, traveling, and discovering; possibly doing a waldorf inspired preschool/playgroup in my home...all of which, I believe, will make me a stronger teacher and mother!
    Your blog is a beautiful place to be...I am always so excited when I see that you have updated!
    are there any good waldorf-y spots near you that you recommend visiting? :) hugs to you and your sweet little one....hoping your move went smoothly!!


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