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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Water in July

I am glad that it is July - it means that we get to spend a lot of time in and around water. Water is so soothing, so cool and so fun! This fountain is in our borrowed backyard - The Morris Arboretum. If you live in the area I highly recommend you visit here - it is one of our favorite places to spend time. 

 I have been exhausted lately  - and the little ones feel it. I need to spend more time on quieting my mind so I can help quiet their minds too. We will need this quiet connection and affirmation more than ever as July is going to be filled with new adventures and different routines. I feel cautious and yet so very excited - and I know they do too. 

Being outside surrounded by water helps me quiet my mind - while present with the little ones. 

What quiets your mind in the presence of your little ones? 

(Big Yawn) ~ Namaste.  


  1. My little ones have flown the nest, but i used to breathe out 3 times and drop my shoulders,also counting to 10 worked to calm my mind when this were getting a bit too rowdy. cheers Marie

  2. Dear Nicole,
    What beautiful photos:) You are right, water is so soothing...

  3. I agree, i love the water. I'm lucky to have it on my doorstep. Good luck with the move, ya too young to live in such a building, god only knows how the older folk manage with that fire alarm. oxo

  4. Sweet photos! I love that dress your daughter is wearing. I love visiting gardens with my kids. Being out in nature always inspires such creativity, and yes, is quiets my soul.

  5. Such beautiful pictures, Nicole. Water is so soothing and also so invigorating. Wishing you renewed energy. You are all at such an exciting time - on the verge of changes.. Best wishes, Kelly

  6. My children love water to. Beautiful photos. We practice yoga every now and then if we're not too tired after our long day working on the farm.


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