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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Self Portrait Sunday - In the Distorted Lid

Photographs never lie but they can distort our truth - just like in these photos. I was putting away the dishes when I pick up this dented lid that belongs to my pasta pot. I noticed my reflection. I stopped, looked at myself straight in the eye and I knew that this was my next self portrait post. No prompting, just  me doing what I do everyday. Most times, I feel better than I look. I believe photos can distort our truth rather than reveal it. Back in my twenties I always looked better than I felt. Beauty came from two different places at two different stages of my life. I much prefer this place at this stage now - entering into my forties feeling beauty rather than being beauty. Now I am wondering  - who is the real me - the one looking at her reflection or the refection looking back?

To see other self-portraits and read about women on the same journey of self discovery stop by ShaktiMama - it is pretty amazing.



  1. I love it. Interesting and intriguing....I am going to participate in the "get real" self portrait challenge this week...I know what you mean when you remarked that in "younger years you looked better than you felt..."-- I'm with you there. Presently, I may be 10 lbs heavier, not as toned, no make up, stained clothing---but I feel so fulfilled and grateful for my every day.
    I will be in Kimberton on wednesday...they are holding an event for children 12 months and younger:) I am so excited to see the campus and snap some pictures!! I am planning on visiting the Philadelphia waldorf school in the fall when they host open houses....maybe we can meet up!! How exciting that you are moving!! Let me know how it goes!! ::hugs to you and yours::

  2. A lovely reflection. I need to do it myself.

  3. Somewhere in that lid I see some amazing, sparkling eyes! When do we get to see the photos without the distortion?!

  4. Oh, I hear you on the distortion! So true...I suppose it calls us to the question of how we arrive at our ideas of what "looks better". Is youth really more attractive, or simply attractive in a different way? I remember a dear mentor of mine from youth, who said that he didn't find women attractive until they were in their forties. Ultimately, I think we need to redefine our ideas of what attractive means. And recognize and embrace it in all of its ages and stages. Holy smokes, I don't know if I've ever left such a long comment anywhere before. Clearly, your post has resonated deeply with me! Thank you :-)

  5. Dear Nicole,
    Loved reading this post and I really enjoyed how you took your photos in the lid, amazing! I can see your kindness show through in your eyes:)
    Thank you for your lovely comment you left on my blog.
    Take care


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