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Monday, July 19, 2010

Corner Of A Home - Hilde's Home

Hilde is my sister in law and has an amazing touch of making her home feel so loved - I enjoyed every nook and cranny in her house during our stay in Norway. Her home was filled with beautiful live plants and flowers - and it is only natural as she owns two beautiful flower shops. She is very passionate about her work - she lives what she loves -  she is a Flower Goddess.  

This is Hilde in one of her beautiful flower shops. She is so blessed to have her daughter working along aside her.

Elisabeth, my niece,  is just as passionate about flower arranging - a very intricate and skillful profession and both have been featured on television programs and magazines.

Vivian loves smelling flowers - and never passes up an opportunity to stop and smell the roses.

or succulents.

The girls and I would be her best customers if there weren't so many miles between us - I love house plants and can't wait to fill my new front porch with them.

 I can't think of anything better than working with the beautiful gifts that Mother Nature has given us - other than raising children and Hilde has already done that successfully.  It was a joy for all of us to spend time with her and be a part of her life if only for a week.

The girls have put their Tante Hilde, Onkel Ole  and cousins Elisabeth and PK on Royal status!

 We had such a magical time in Norway - and I send Hilde and Ole a heartfelt thank you for hosting us - much love to you and your family Hilde.



  1. Beautiful pictures and flowers, cheers Marie

  2. greetings-- i found one of your articles on "magic onions" this morning-- it truly spoke to me. thank you for your beautiful insight...it has inspired me as i take this journey through waldorf inspired motherhood. ::hugs::

  3. Hilde's home looks lovely, so peaceful. Made me think that I need to do something to my home. How could I make some changes to reflect such a peaceful setting? Enjoying reading about your trip. Sounds lovely.

  4. I loved seeing these pictures of Hilde's home. It looks like a beautiful place with all those flowers.

  5. Add plants and flowers and it changes the entire atmosphere of a home - also invite some company over - it makes you look at your home through new eyes.

    BB- thank you for your kind words

    and Marie - thanks for for our gift we will share it soon - they are so fun to play with.


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