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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Birthday Celebration in Norway

Geir's sister Hilde hosted our stay in Norway. She was a wonderful host and we had a lovely time. We arrived on Geir's 50th birthday and Hilde made this very delicious and traditional Norwegian cake. I stumbled upon this blog today and I found it very interesting and fun to learn about Norwegian birthday celebrations. I am excited and look forward to adding some of  these Norwegian traditions to our family's birthday celebrations back here in Pennsylvania. 

Tante Hilde gave Ella this dress that her cousin Elisabeth wore many years ago - Ella was honored and absolutely adored Elisabeth - who I might add is a wonderful role model for Ella - we just love her!
Vivian insisted that she be the only one to sing the Happy Birthday song for her Dad and we enjoyed her singing so much that she received many encores! 

Elisabeth is the pretty girl standing next to her handsome brother Per Kristen and sitting proudly is Geir's Mom and Dad. We had just arrived so my photo taking skills were a bit jet lagged. Tante Hilde and Onkel Ole were a huge part of this celebration but were not caught by my lens on this day. 

It was heartwarming to see and be with Geir's family on this very special day. I was touched and in awe noticing how Geir's Mother looked at Geir - her baby boy who she had not seen for years. I could tell that memories were flooding her thoughts - rewinding fifty years back to that glorious day of giving birth to her first child. Geir's parents were very generous in celebrating his birthday and I thank them -  understanding completely that they would have done anything to see their baby boy turn 50. A blessing that I hope to have with my babies. 

I have more lovely moments to share of our trip to Norway. I have been reserving some of my energy for balance and patience. I need these two things now more that ever as we are planning to move into our new home in less than two weeks. The girls feel the different energy and need to have their rhythm back - and more importantly need to have their Mama calm and focused  which I am finding to be a huge challenge. I have missed blogging - and miss reading blogs.  I did find some time last night to read some my favorite blogs and I became so overwhelmed with inspiration. I love the connection I have with those I read and those who read me. 



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely trip away, and a busy time also is coming up. Do not forget to breathe out, after all that breathing in. cheers Marie

  2. I missed reading your blog.
    Welcome Home!

  3. I knew I'd seen Ella's dress before... It looks like you had a great time.

  4. Welcome Home, pleased to hear you had a lovely time, sounds like a great experence for your girls. Hope life settles back down for you soon.

  5. What is it about Scandanavian stuff that is soooo appealling?

  6. I enjoyed reading about your husband's birthday celebration in Norway. Welcome back! I wish you all the best in these next busy weeks of moving into your new home.

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. I've been waiting anxiously to hear all about your trip and see the pictures!

    Good luck with your packing and upcoming move.

  8. Such beautiful photos, Nicole! I love hearing about your trip to Norway. This is a place I hope to visit some day.


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