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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Norwegian Heritage

 A couple of weeks back our family celebrated Norway's Constitution Day. Ella's  Bestemor (Grandmother) knitted a beautiful Bunad - which is the Norwegian National Costume. We are so blessed to have this beautiful, handmade heirloom for generations to come. Ella felt like a royal Queen! 

Here she is two years ago - I guess she was a Norwegian Princess back then! 

Next year it will be Vivian's turn to feel royal. 
I love to see how Ella has grown in the last two years. 

 As the little ones set the table for lunch we listened to Norwegian music. The girls were very excited to listen to their Dad's language through songs especially this song - they knew exactly what the song was and were delighted of the similarity. 

We shared a special lunch - which was a cold lunch - very typical of the lunch Geir my husband had as a kid. Homemade bread, homemade strawberry jam, cheese, butter, and vegetables.

We all thought the food that Dad (Papa) prepared for us was delicious - but the most fun was talking about our upcoming trip to Norway to visit family. We talked about all of our relatives in Norway and paid tribute to them through prayer. We are teaching the girls simple Norwegian words like thank you - "tusen takk". There is nothing simple about the Norwegian language but  it is  very important for the little ones to know how to speak the polite words when using thier manners. Family traditions are so meaningful and important for children - I love creating new traditions for my family and continuing with the old. The girls really enjoy the togetherness - the sacredness of it all and I do too.
After lunch the girls had fun playing with their Vikings that their Gram had gifted them for Christmas this past year. 

Jeg elsker deg Geir! 



  1. Oh Ella looks so lovely in her bunad, it really is amazing. What a great idea to teach them some Norwegian words before you go.

  2. omigoodness! they look soo cute!!!

  3. Your Ella looks adorable in her Norwegian clothing! I'm Norwegian to! I love how you celebrate your heritage with your family.

  4. Nice post. Oh my the girls look so cute in their outfits!

  5. Thank you - love all your comments.

  6. Hi there Redbeet Mama, I've been looking for a contact link on your blog and didn't find one so I hope this reaches you in a timely manner. :^) I'm the graphic designer for ECMMA (www.ecmma.org), a children's music and movement group, and am currently working on their latest magazine, Perspectives. The first short article is about a lady's experiences conducting a Barnekor, Norwegian's children choir, and I was thinking how nice it would be to have a photo to add to it and started searching the internet to find one. The sweet pictures of your daughter popped up and I thought I'd ask permission to use either the first or second photo in this post within the article. I would credit you, of course. The photo would show up in the print article and also the online version, which I'd be happy to send you a link to. If you get this, would you mind replying to my email address, karenrgreer@yahoo.com please? I can just download it from your blog. If I do NOT hear back from you I won't use the photo, don't worry. :^) Thanks!! --Karen Greer


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