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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Baby Ella 2005 - Dad looks tired and relieved. It was a scary delivery - but a most joyous moment. Geir wouldn't let anyone hold her - I had to remind him to share her with her grandparents. 

Baby Vivian 2008 - Easier delivery and happy about her early and safe arrival. (Same blue shirt.)

The girls bought him a new blue shirt for Father's Day - and a wood toy. They also made him coffee - well kind of. Vivian is happy in this photo it is just her way of smiling waiting for the flash to go off.

I picked out these really cool laughing Buddha shorts for Geir. 

We had a wonderful day. We ate good food, found a house we really liked and we may just put a bid on it. Hopefully these shorts will bring us good luck - I am going to ask him to wear them tonight. 

Geir - thanks for for being such a wonderful Dad to our girls.



  1. Are Fathers not wonderful people. cheers Marie

  2. happy belated father's day! such sweet photos!

  3. Such a beautiful post, Nicole! I love those buddha shorts.


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