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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Handmade Rose Petal Beads

Ella gathered rose petals in cowgirl style. We brought them home and followed Eileen's rose bead recipe.

We put the soft petals in our little food processor.

 And ground them up until they were the size of couscous. (tiny bits)

We scooped them out and placed in a saucepan to simmer for one hour. The scent was heavenly. 

After cooling for an hour we squeezed the water out - saving the rose water to use later. 

We rolled them in to small marble sized beads and let them sit for 24 hours. 

Then I pushed a wire through them - and viola soon they would be beads! A cowgirl hat full of petals only made 6 beads - we plan to make more and when we do I will push through two wires to make the hole a bit bigger. 

Ella's observations were so keen as she noticed the petals turn from a bright dark pink to purple to light purple to pink and finally a deep red. The petals were silky soft and made Ella's hands smell pretty while she collected them and rolled them into a bead - very important for this child - who is always very hesitant to get her hands icky. We loved this project -- thank you Eileen for sharing this beautiful idea in the online Waldorf magazine - Rhythm of the Home.

A simple, handmade decoration that hangs on our tree branch over our nature table. 



  1. Oh, I felt like I was experiencing the rose petal bead making with you! I love the feel of rose petals and the smell so much. I am putting this on my "one day to do list". Thank you for sharing. They turned out lovely and I love that your girls enjoyed it with you!

  2. How wonderful Nicole! Thanks so much for sharing your process:)

  3. Funny how I am seeing this on your blog from Eileen..love it and now I know what to do the the tons of rose petals our rose bushes leave us!!


  4. What a beautiful project! I can't wait to try this with my son!

  5. I saw that idea as well, and looked around for wild roses and could not find any. So decided to use lilies instead, and they just did not turn out so well, I think perhaps you must use roses, yours look gorgeous,


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