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Friday, June 18, 2010

Gratitude Journaling

I am grateful for my paper journals where I put pen to paper and express my fears, worries and confusion. Blogging is my gratitude journal where I celebrate and place emphasis on what is good in my life. I'd like to keep this positive focus and continue to document all that is good. Recently a medical condition that we thought was a thing of the past has reappeared (for the past week I have felt like the wind was knocked out of me) I am grateful that it is not life threatening. I am grateful that I found a wonderful new chiropractor to help relieve the pain in my neck - the place where I hold all my worries and stress. I feel much better now and can sit comfortably in front of my computer. I am grateful that I can and will spend a lot of my blogging time on researching and helping my daughter to feel better. I am grateful that I will still blog as I believe we should never lose focus of what is good.



  1. I hope you are feeling well Nicole. I missed you blogging last week. Take care of yourself. Zoo trip soon right? The girls last day of school is on Monday.

  2. So true, to never lose focus on what is good, keep smiling, cheers Marie

  3. Gratitude is a wonderful thing. I am so sorry you have not been feeling well my friend and I do hope you recover soon...
    Warmly Linda

  4. hope you are feeling better soon. I loved your post over at The Magic Onions!


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