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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - Mandalas

A few weeks back, while the little ones slept, and Geir worked from home, I had myself one of the best nap-time indulgences this year! I took the opportunity to see Lama Losang Samten create a beautiful sand mandala at the Glencairn Museum - only minutes from my home. Losang was selected in 1988 by the Dalai Lama to become the first person to create a sand mandala in the United States. As soon as I walked in the room I felt his calming presence. Chanting was softly heard in the background. There was about twenty people surrounding the table watching him. He stopped, looked up, smiled and came over to me. He asked my name, took my hand and welcomed me. He made the longest eye contact with me. I saw kindness and a deep appreciation for humanity in his eyes.  In that moment I  felt understood ...and really cool. I went home with the most pleasant smile on my face. I  shared my new love with my family....

Ella really got into it. I bought a booklet of pre-printed mandalas at our local art store. I told her to pick the one that spoke to her. She picked the Moon Goddess and colored it entirely blue. 

Vivian didn't care too much for the pre-printed mandalas - although she did make one. I like them because they are transparent and they look nice in the window when colored. Geir, my husband got in on it too - a little hesitant at first - but soon the energy around our little table was humming. 

This is the mandala that spoke to me. If you are interested you can buy the coloring book here.    I am also working on a sand mandala - it came in a kit from the local book store. It has been a relaxing and meditative activity for me. Today, I cut out about 50 blank circles and let the little ones create their own images in their mandala. They were captivated - especially Vivian. It was amazing to watch them fill these circles - containing their own artistic images and feeling so good about it. To learn more about this sacred meditative art click here and scroll down just a bit. You might also like this blog that I found today - I do. And then there is Heather's amazing blog - she is painting a mandala that is beyond beautiful. A true Goddess.

I honored my inner Goddess that afternoon - I took the time to see something so amazing. I went by myself and enjoyed myself. It is nice to take the time to be your own friend - a really cool friend.

What do you do when you have time to hang out by yourself? 


  1. de-lurking to say:

    that sand mandala is gorgeous. just out of this world.

    ive been having my kids color mandalas for years. and it never fails to have a calming effect. especially with my youngest, who is a bit of a spaz. when things get too nuts i pull out my coloring book. :)

  2. Ohhh, that sand mandala is awesome!
    What do I do when I get some free time....read, blog, sew, cook/bake and then wish I had more free time.

  3. I have seen the sand mandala 2 times here in Miami and it really is incredible isn't it?! Love this post!

  4. I love the one you choose to color :)


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