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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Gift

Ella has been living yoga since she was conceived. Yoga is a natural part of our life. It connects us to our goal of living a healthy, centered and calm life. It connects us to Mother Nature and everything that is Divine. It is my gift to her and the world she lives in. It is a place for her to go when she needs to breath, to be still, to open her heart and to listen to the quiet that wants to speak to us all. 

One of my favorite artists to listen to that nurtures our lifestyle is Snatam Kaur. She is an amazing woman.  Watch this video and  you will understand why. Ella and I love to sing along with her.

I recently discovered that Snatam has an album with beautiful songs and mantras for children. Click here to listen to it. I highly recommend it - it is wonderful music to start the day off. I gifted it to Vivian and now  she is singing along with us  -- it is feel good music.  I also bought this and we love it!  Ella no longer naps and this video is my nap-time indulgence on the days that I need to step back for some of my own peace and quiet. I also like that Ella sees other children her age engaging in yoga even if it is on a video. I don't want to commit to a class. I want Ella to know that yoga is not a sport or a group activity but a profound way of life.  You can do yoga anywhere - it is always there for you when you need it - it is a gift that gives you what you need. 

I asked Ella to think of something funny in this photo- she paused then started laughing - I asked her what came to mind - she said "Daddy chasing Vivy." Vivian runs away a lot especially when she doesn't want to do something. Perhaps soon Vivian will do more than sing along and begin to find her peace and joy in yoga as well and perhaps stop making us chase her.

I found this page and the girls enjoyed coloring and imitating the poses - not a lesson but just pure yogi fun.



  1. Seeing your little girl in those yoga poses just made my night! What a beyond beautiful thing to witness. So glad you shared as always!

  2. Beaut photos, I did yoga for 2 years but our local teacher is not taking classes, I must get back into it, it was so strengthening. cheers Marie

  3. So sweet, your little one doing the poses.

  4. I just have to tell you I am enjoying snatam kaur's music. While I sat her doing up my weeks menu, I've been playing her music on you tube. Beautiful music, thanks for that.

  5. fantastic photos! what a sweetheart!

  6. Haribol!

    I am so happy that you have taking a liking to Snatam's music - she is beautiful isn't she. She is on tour and my husband and I plan to buy tickets when she comes to Philly.

    Thank you for all your comments - I love being apart of such a nurturing online community.


  7. What a wonderful gift to teach your daughter Yoga.
    I'm a late comer to the practice and I wish I could share it with my little ones. I took them once to a local place but it was too commercial.
    Would you recommend any books?

  8. Imene, I don't have any recommendations for books - but my favorite online site for this type of material is http://www.spiritvoyage.com/

    perhaps you will find something there. Try the CD I mentioned on my blog - you can do yoga right along with your little ones and enjoy it.

    Namaste, Nicole

  9. I am so impressed. Yoga is something my kids know little about. I do not practice it. I probably should. They have learned a bit from my mom.
    Ella is beautiful.

  10. This is fabulous! I have done some yoga poses with my girls, but really want to make it more of our daily lives. You are very inspiring. x


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