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Friday, June 25, 2010

Frugal Friday - Carraige & Chalkboards

I haven't posted a Frugal Friday in awhile as I am trying to save my money rather than collect things with my money - but on a recent drop-off trip to my favorite consignment shop the girls and I spotted a few things that made our hearts sing. Ella has been asking for a pram for her "Dolly" ever since Vivian was born (we had a pram for her.)  So like Mommy, Ella always wanted one - but it was an expense that I wasn't willing to make until I spotted this beauty for $12 bucks! Here is one on ebay - I think I did pretty well considering the pram we bought isn't ripped or smell like a yucky basement. It is a keeper and finds like this excite me! Now the fighting over it I can do with out - but I reason it is a part of life.

Ella is precious caring for her baby. This carriage really helped Ella get into her motherly role. Her imagination has grown with it and I can sense  that she really believes her dolls are alive - and that they need her. She is a good Mama to her children - I am flattered by her imitation... except when she gets impatient with them - I think to myself "do I really become that flustered? Hum.

Then I spotted these chalkboards and couldn't resist - perfect tools for homeschooling! I'd like to someday be able to chalk like this. Perhaps this will be my "before" picture but I don't expect an overnight success.

I spent $10 bucks for the both (actually used my store credit) - a steal if you ask me - one for each so there is no bickering. They enjoy drawing on them - but mostly they like watching me tell stories through the pictures I draw on the boards. This is all new to me, a first and I am learning as I go. We are all having such a good time with our frugal finds. 

Here is a really cool demonstration of Waldorf Chalkboard Art.

It is when I am not in the habit of buying things - that things become more special to us. Mom didn't just buy another new toy - Mom bought a toy - and they were excited and thankful.  Now if I could just stop buying them ice-cream cones every other day - the experience might go back to being a special treat that conjures up feelings of joy and deliciousness. 

Enjoy your weekend and may you find that special frugal find that makes your heart sing. 



  1. SUPER SCORES, Nicole! Oh my gosh! We love our chalkboard (plus we have chalkboards painted on a couple of doors).
    And the pram? Envy! I scored one similar on freecycle awhile back, but it was peeling vinyl and smelled. Not cute and red and clean! I passed it along.

  2. Wow, the pram is truly stunning, what an amazing find. I agree about the toy thing, I usually only buy toys for birthdays and christmas but I find the problem is with extended family buying them for no real reason.


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