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Monday, June 21, 2010

Corner of My New Home - well maybe....

It is not a mid century but a turn of the century home and I am in love, again. It has a huge yard for fairies to play and girls to garden. It is situated in a neat little town where everything is in walking distance. It has charm, it has trees, lots of windows and it is where I see my family planting our roots. So, instead of celebrating Summer Solstice my family and I met with our Realtor at noon today to make an offer. We enjoyed a picnic in the yard and spent time imagining it as our home. I met the neighbor Ann who lives next door - she is a yoga instructor and has two beautiful children the same ages as Ella and Vivian. What joy! I am full of hope. I want this house.

I know some readers have connected with me because of our common "attached living" lifestyle. Our decision came down to needing a yard for the girls AND a strong need to lovingly create a home for our family. My husband and I love creating together, working on projects - making a house a home. Our condo is beautiful and luxurious. The views are gorgeous and everything is brand new. That's where it ends - funny huh? There is nothing for  us to work on, change or  improve. We feel old living here and our neighbors make it worst for us. There is a lack of unity between my husband and I because of this - and a disconnect with nature. We are excited with this fairly new revelation of our living situation - we are feeling re-energized - ready to make this house our home - working together as a couple - as friends - as a young family (ok we are not young but our kids are.) It will give us something to be passionate about - a shared passion and what is life without passion?

I am looking forward to celebrating the Summer Solstice with my Goddess Circle friends this Wednesday evening. We plan to gather around a bonfire, wear flowy dresses and dance under the moon. During the day I will celebrate with the girls - and enjoy the magic of the Sun's energy. 

Hope you enjoyed this blessed day. 



  1. I love those windows! You sound very excited about your possible new home. :) I hope that it all works out in your favor!

  2. I hope I hope I hope you get the house! It sounds so perfect and how cool that you would have nice neighbors. Good luck mama! and the orange photo is so pretty :)

  3. oh i hope you get your dream home.

    and while i am definitely one of the readers who connected with the attached living lifestyle, i totally get the idea of you needing to move on for your family. i also understand that every family has different wants and desires.

    i mentioned to you in another comment that we just moved across country and came from a big house. what i didnt go into, was that our big house was quite the fixer upper. at first we loved it. so much to do and so many ways to stay busy. but after a while it became all consuming, to the point where we felt like the rest of life was passing us by. our lives were centered around house projects and renovations.

    so we decided to downsize. and for now we live in an apartment. im sure we'll be home owners again. but right now we're just enjoying life and exploring our new home town.

    life is about changes. and this was the change my family needed. we're thriving right now. im sure that your family will also thrive. we all know, deep down, what changes are families need.

    anyway, didnt want to be a comment hog, but i did want to clear all that up. :)

    Happy Solstice to you and yours!

    and i so, so hope you get the house.

  4. What a lovely thing to have a new home. cheers Marie

  5. Wow, how exciting! The house and location both sound perfect. Hope it all works out and your offer is accepted. We bought our 100ish year old house about 2 years ago and have loved turning it into 'our forever home'

  6. Ohh, good luck on the house. sounds lovely.

  7. Sounds just perfect! Good luck with your offer.

  8. Oh, I feel your excitement! May your dreams come true!

  9. Good luck, Nicole. I know everything will work out as it should, but I do hope it works out how you want it to! The house sounds lovely.

  10. Sending hopeful thoughts your way!

  11. That looks so intriguing! I'm hoping for a positive outcome...Can't wait for the update.


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