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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bye, Bye, Crib!

The last time Vivy will be in a crib. My baby is a big girl. 

 Big Sister wondering what this means for her. 

Wow - Dad is a pretty amazing guy! 

Feeling a bit apprehensive.

Tada - the Big Girl bed magically appears!

 Pure joy for the little ones. Mama's feeling kind of sad. 

Vivy gives her bed a big hug. 

She is so proud - her wish came true.

As I post this Vivian  has come out of her room at least twenty times. At first we comforted her then after awhile we kept silent and walked her back to her bed. I didn't know we were going to do this today. Out of the blue Vivian told us that she didn't want her cribby - "cribby are for babies" she said. I asked if she wanted a Big Girl bed and she said yes. Instead of feeling sad about this transition for days I let it happen naturally - at her request.  I am not sad for Vivian -  I am sad that my baby days are behind us.



  1. how old is she? my son has just turned two and can climb out of his crib. hmn. maybe time for a shift?
    (also, i agree with blogger problems responding to comments. why cant we do that ?)

  2. Congratulations on your little one moving into her own big bed!

  3. It is sad how fast they grow, it is like you blink and they get bigger. She does look so very proud of herself in her big girl bed though :-)

  4. Too fast, they grow up much too fast.
    Hope she enjoys her big girl bed.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. Vivian turned two this past March.

    Thank you for the support and encouragement - I am surprised that we all got a full night's sleep.

    Much love, Nicole

    Oh yes - doesn't it just drive you crazy Angelina! I hope they upgrade it soon. Peace!

  6. Tonya - yes too fast - my goal everyday is to slow them down.

    L, N

  7. Oh, I can relate. We are almost ready to give up the crib for good too. This summer potty training, slowly saying good bye to all of the baby items. I find it sad as well. This weekend my oldest NEEDED dangly earrings, so many changes, too fast for mamma.

  8. Oh - just one thing - If either of my daughter's come to me at sixteen and say they need a car....it ain't happening!

    It is not a ask and you shall receive home -- just for some things.

    Hehe, Nicole

  9. Awww! What a sweet post and what a sweet family! I love these photos. Congrats on moving on up little Vivian!

  10. Oh huge hugs! We are about to embark on this ourselves, I think, earlier than we did with my older one. So bittersweet!
    Huge hugs. A momentous transition.

  11. That is so exciting for her! what a great day for all of you. I would be sad too though...

  12. Oh my, what a moment to savor. A big girl bed. I so remember when I moved to mine. Enjoy and congratulations to your little one


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