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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunshine on our Shoulders


  1. oh, i love love love the bonnets. love them. did you make those? and the dresses?
    i adored little house on the prairie as a child and those remind me of that show!

  2. aww. what dear little bonnett babes.

  3. Oh what a beautiful, perfect day. Thank you for sharing this. All that vastness! Your girls' dresses are just so pretty too.
    Have a lovely rest of the day.
    Best wishes

  4. We love the bonnets too - I am so happy that they actually will wear them - they have figured out that they are awesome hats to keep the sun out of their eyes - so lightweight too. I did not make them but found them in a second hand shop. It does help that we are reading "The Little House in the Big Woods." Ella loves Laura.

    The beach was so peaceful and as you can see we were the only ones on it!

    Thank you all for the sweet comments.

    Much love, Nicole

  5. Your girls are so pretty in their coordinating dresses!

  6. I checked out Congress Hall and we might be going there for a week. I'm just a bit concerned with what we can do in the area.

  7. What is it about beach pictures and small children that just warms the heart? It looks like you had a very special day

  8. Yes, yes, yes!!! Love the bonnets, love the dory, love the sunshine, love the sea, love this post! Such a lovely, transporting series of photos (that last one is my favorite)...thank you so much for the peek at your beautiful day by the shore.


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