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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pure Joy at the Raindrop Station!

Apparently an hour of running around and getting wet was not long enough. This little one insisted that my request to come and eat her picnic dinner was in her words "no fair." I understand where she is coming from - there is something magical running through a sprinkler for the very first time. It was a touch of summer yesterday with temperatures in the high 90's reminding me that there are an infinite amount of things to do and explore outside even during dinner time. Summer is coming, not to push Spring out of the way, I love Spring, but it is time to think about changing our routine. So with pen and paper and maybe a few beeswax crayons I am going to plot out our "Days of Summer" tonight.  My goal is always to keep our routine simple yet I was impressed on how simple Ariella's weekly schedule is - there is no constant daily pressure -she takes on her day rhythmically and she seems to be very in tune with her children's needs.  If you haven't already had a look - check her daily schedule here. Keeping routines simple yet predictable makes the entire family happy, and of course little surprises here and there makes you a really cool Mom. 

Thank you Spring for warm days and cool, breezy nights. 



  1. Such sweet photos!
    It looks like an incredible day : )
    I love your new banner!

  2. So so cute and so much fun! I had to smile, though, because we seem to be stuck in winter here with cold, wet weather this week. Raindrop station, indeed!

  3. looks like lots of fun....:)

    It's coming in to winter down here we had the fire on today keeping the house warm.

  4. Winter here too....with real raindrops....BUT puddle splashing :) We also have water shortages so they banned sprinklers :( I can't stand the thought of a childhood without them so I think we'll have to have some contraband sprinkling in the paddock ;)
    What a gorgeous look on her "not fair" face!

  5. Awww, your so unfair mom! Cute photos.

  6. I checked out your books you mentioned you just recently got, by Karen Maezen Miller. Oh thank you. I had not heard of them and they look wonderful, exactly what I need. Have you read anything so far? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  7. Looks like so much fun! We live in Philadelphia too is this park local?

  8. Beautiful photos Nicole! Your girls are so cute!


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