Waldorf In The Home

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Headed for the shore...

Our mini vacation starts tomorrow. The Rain Fairies will join us. The forecast is calling for rain the entire time - our boots are packed - it is going to be a wet adventure.  I look forward to seeing the ocean, breathing the salty air and spending time away with my family.



  1. Have a wonderful wonderful trip, despite the fairy sprinkles!

  2. Enjoy! Rain changes the shore so much...and sometimes I think makes it ever so slightly more interesting.

    Unfortunately, our own beach vacation had to be cancelled due to the tragic happening in the Gulf of Mexico. While I'm sad about the need to change our plans as I was really looking forward to a nice long, solo walk on the beach at sunset I'm most of all angry about the massive devastation caused by pure greed and carelessness.

  3. Have a wonderful time. I realized that you can't change the forecast nor can you predict it...you just go with the flow. I know you and your little girls will find plenty to do ...rain or not. And sometimes, being close to the water chases those rain clouds away. Have a great mini vacation.


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