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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - The Sheppard House

A new passion of mine - Mid Century homes. I have been learning everything I can about them. Today, in honor of Goddess Wednesday (doing something just for myself) I went and toured this amazing floating house - Geir stayed home with the girls. Grab a cup of tea, settle in and see for your self why I am in love with this one-of-a kind home

I only photographed the outside (I arrived early so it was just me) and I had fun walking around enjoying the quiet peace nature offers me. I explored all around the four plus acres and I loved being there. I imagined my family playing outside.

During my exploration I found this hollow tree. The photos of the inside of the tree didn't come out but you could see light from 15 feet inside the tree. A few grand and it would be taken care of but the view would be changed forever. This property had hundreds of old beautiful trees and they all needed work ka-ching$!  

This house named The Sheppard House was designed by Frank Weisse in 1950 and rests upon a slope with a stream at the bottom - very pretty. There was a rain storm last night and it was quite telling about the water (deluge) problems that exist here. These steps leading to the front door were covered in mud.

  The top of the flat roof was holding a good portion of water - no doubt the drain had been clogged with leaves - forget gutter cleaning - the entire roof would need leaf removal a few times a year - ka-ching!

 An in-ground pool - a childhood dream of mine. This is the original and they don't make them out of concrete anymore. It needed a lot of repair. I did stand here for awhile and imagined all the fun that was enjoyed here.  I think the family that lived in the house (the only family) were happy. I just got that feeling.

The cost to make this my dream home on the outside (just fixing the problems and doing a little landscaping) would cost a good $50,000. Huge sigh!  I met Craig the realtor - cool guy. He has a passion for mid century homes too. He blatantly told me that the steel structure of the home was solid but the shell needed to be replaced. Total cost he thought would be a little over $100,000. The window walls leak therefore new flooring would be next on the ka-ching list. Heating works but the average cost of heating was $7,000 a year. Central air did not work. Kitchen needed to be restored and a Viking stove would need to be added with all the other appliances.  I am dreaming remember... Bathrooms were original and well taken care of - I liked them and could live with them just the way they were - of course we'd have to have a soaking tub outside on the new patio because there wasn't a tub in the master bath. The cost now to make this my dream home is so high that I could only wish to win the lottery - so I played the lottery and I enjoyed the time I had by myself learning about something that I feel passionate about : living simple, creating a healthy home environment, being surrounded by nature without leaving my house and dreaming about owning this mid century home. (a green mid century home - one with solar panels and bamboo floors and....)

Here is another mid century house that I have been admiring, I just might go check it out next Goddess Wednesday. Dreaming is healthy after all.

What do you dream about?


  1. I love it...Goddess Wednesday!!! I guess I spent my Wednesday in a Goddess inspired way as well, I went thrift shopping and came home with a lovely summer dress and vintage linens *swoon*!!! We mammas definately need MORE Goddess days!!!
    thank you for this!
    Maureen xo

  2. Love the goddess day idea. I think I'll start with a goddess hour, on the weekends. See what my husband thinks?? I remember a lady I used to know, she would frequently refer to herself as "an aging sex goddess", not that this refers to your goddess day, but it reminded me of her, her comment was too funny.

  3. I love your blog, and I wanted you to know I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Thanks for inspiring me! :)


  4. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this lovely location.


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