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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - My Bulletin

I have this bulletin board hanging in my kitchen.When I see a good idea I pin it on this board and wont take it down until I do it. Summer Solstice is approaching and I think it would be a marvelous  time  to dance under the moon with my Goddess friends - just like the ones dancing on that beautiful card above. What are your plans for Summer Solstice?

I have a  yummy recipe for strawberry muffins on the board - I am going to make them later this week. I will tell the little ones and my husband that  they are Goddess muffins (the girls have their Fairy Tea - it is only fair) then  I"ll serve the muffins wearing the pretty circlet that I made at a past Goddess Circle. Perhaps, my girls will make Goddess Muffins for their children one day, it would be such an honor.  And if the muffins turn out good I'll share the recipe and you too can make Goddess Muffins.

 Last week, I was a bloated Goddess - I ate a lot of not so healthy, rich foods on vacation . I am back to feeling lighter and  loving my normal diet of fresh foods, lots of dairy and of course some pastries and an occasional soft pretzel.

I go back and forth with meditation and yoga. Equally  the same except one is motionless and one is not. Before vacation it was mostly meditation now I am back to doing yoga daily. I have so much energy flowing that I need the physical movement. I need to stretch. I need to feel my limits - then test  those limits. I enjoy Kundalini yoga. Making the effort becomes effortless only after a week. Yoga is nourishment for my body and soul.

Nurturing the creative Goddess in me - ok humoring the creative Goddess in me. We have a very talented artist in our Goddess Circle (actually we have many) who gave us a demonstration on watercolor painting. Here is a photo of my first watercolor painting. I am proud of it because I left my comfort zone and took the process seriously. It was a fun endeavor. I learned a lot about myself  and enjoyed looking at the other woman's interpretation of the same flower. Admittedly mine looks like Victorian era crap but it makes me smile every time I look at it - some may even see a hidden message!

A quick and short bulletin of what I am doing to honor my self as a Goddess. If I were to show you what my "inner" bulletin board would look like right now- it would look like  a mess! I have a lot on my mind that it is hard to focus on one thing - but it is all good. It is Goddess Wednesday and I intentionally made me think of just me today. What are you doing to honor yourself?

Namaste and Happy Birthday Megan.


  1. Strawberry muffins sound divine. Let me know how they turn out.

  2. I love your Goddess posts so much! Goodness, what am I doing to honor myself, nothing - unless sewing for my kids counts. I do need to find something for myself. Well, running is my thing but I only get to do that on the weekends so I need something else, too ;)

    Oh and I haven't been on FB but I saw your post via e-mail- I am not sure when we'll be heading to PA next, but as soon as I know I will let you know. It would be great if we could meet up!!

  3. Dear Nicole,
    Thank you so much for your kind words of support this week while my father has been ill. Thank you my friend:)

  4. This was a lovely post to read. I'm a new follower so the idea of Goddess posts are new to me. I especially love the idea of you board and not taking things down unless you do them..I'm in the habit of just jamming stuff in a drawer and finding it ages later and rejamming in a new drawer lol
    Thank you for inspiring me :)

  5. Namaste!

    Beautiful post! I felt so conected with you reading your words. I'm a yoga and meditation practitioner, and an ayurvedic specialist in women's health. The energy of the Goddess flow into and through my day, work, relationship, body, mind, dreams and goals... It's an amazing bliss to feel Her presence in everything.

  6. a beautiful post and lovely things you say here. I have to think how to do on solstice day, no plans yet, but I guess something with friends on the yard, I still have time to plan :)
    and thanks for remind me how important is to honor myself, when I paint I clean myself, I feel my soul like dancing, is just my life to make my art and is the moment when I create a painting that I give to myself ( when I find the time) ;)
    i wish you a lovely week :)

  7. I really like this goddess stuff. That bulletin board idea is great. I'm a big list person, so my ideas make it to the list, but a bulletin board with photos, visuals, and in your face until they are completed is really good.
    The muffins sound good, I'm interrested.
    I guess I'm nurturing my inner goddess during my workouts, while I'm baking (last night I made lime sugar cookies, yum) and ummm, drinking wine....does that count? It should!

  8. Hey Nicole, tell me what yall end up doing for summer solstice? I know some girls that all meet up at a local park with their babies and kiddos and dance under the moon. Dreamy :)


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