Waldorf In The Home

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My mind was everywhere today. I woke up and the day was busy even before I poured my first cup of tea. Ten minutes into our journey I realized I forgot my phone.  I am not a phone person but today it was important that I had it with me. So after dropping Ella off at play-school we drove back home and I got the little one out of her car seat, waited for the elevator, walked the long hallway and started off again - this time with a reluctant little one. I thought that perhaps a cup of tea and a soft pretzel would get us back in gear again (a small bribe really) so we stopped at a cafe ordered all the goodies only to find I didn't have my wallet! I am not a regular at this cafe - as this was really a treat. My embarrassment was quickly erased and turned to total amazement and gratitude as the girl at the cafe insisted  that I take the tea and goodies and sent us off with hopes that our day would get better. It did. I met Tyla, an old friend from my publishing days at the Smith Playground in Philly. It was nice to see her again.  At lunchtime I picked  up Ella and arrived home to find no electricity. The girls went down for a nap and I spent a quiet and hot afternoon thinking about the craziness my husband and I are up to - visualizing all of its potential while the little ones slept - then panic --- the fire alarm goes off goes! Nap time is OVER. I am not happy - yet I take it as a sign - a good sign - perhaps we are not crazy after all. Phone calls back and forth at dinner time. The offer in the brown bag --- turned down. I am so disappointed. Maybe they'll change their minds - and we'll get to use those work gloves afterall. 

I need to rest my weary head. Namaste. 


  1. Sorry you had such a crappy day. Tomorrow has to be better, right?! (By the way, Smith Playhouse is awesome.)

  2. Are you moving lady? Is that what this talk is about?

  3. Sorry about your morning yesterday but it was great to see you too and sharing Smith Playground! Also sorry about the brown bag it only means bigger and better things are in your future. xoxo

  4. I'm a little out of the loop...

    First, I love all the vacation pictures. I noticed both girls were wearing their bonnets :)

    Second, sorry you had such a bad day. And do I hear hints that you are planning a move?? to a fixer upper, no less? Good luck if that's the case!

    Last, but not least, take care!



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