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Monday, May 24, 2010

Corner of Our "Hermit Crabs" Home

With good intentions I bought the girls these two beautiful hermit crabs - we planned  to create a natural environment for them to live in - (of course the beach is really where they would rather live) and not let them continue to live in a plastic cage with florescent painted shells and rubber plants. The girls are not at all interested - in fact they are terrified of them. Ella is waking up the last couple of nights in a sweat  explaining that the crabs are pinching her eyes.  An awful dream! She asked her Dad if we could find them a new family - she didn't want to ask me - she didn't want to hurt my feelings. In keeping with my good intentions - does any one of my local friends want to terrify your kids  adopt Sandy and Sunny?

Pretty Please? 


  1. Poor babies! Samy had a hermit crab in his class and his teacher had to hide it because he was terrified. He wouldn't get anywhere near him.

  2. I'm in West Chester and would totally take the crabs! I love your blog by the way :)
    My daughter (7) begged for a hermit crab last summer. I am feeling a soft spot for both her and the crabs!

  3. Thanks Mindy - I just read the blurb about you - I'd love to meet you and let you take Sandy and Sunny.

    Could we meet soon?

    Imene - I guess you wont be buying any hermit crabs when you are at Congress Hall! I just sent you a message.

    Thanks for considering Lisa.

  4. kind of a sad, but cute story! i am sure they'll find good homes!

  5. WHEW...glad your adoption went off without a hitch. I am scared of hermit crabs too.
    You had good intentions.
    I love the new layout on your blog page. Nice pictures.


  6. Great! What day is good for you? I can come out to you or we could meet in the middle--
    Whatever is easiest, really!

  7. we had a family chicken i saved from abandonment. my son named it bony and it was our yard chicken friend. then...bony started making this weird noise and grew quite large and started pecking and chasing! bony was no hen....so we had to get rid of him. =)

  8. Thanks Arlene - you are so kind to me. LOL at your relief about the crabs. Meet Mindy - their new Mom or Grandmom???

    Arilella - I thought it would be so cool for them to take care of the crabs - bet your kids aren't afraid!

    Mindy - half way is fine - where would that be? I have to make a trip to Ikea - is that half way?

    Angelina - I was thinking of getting chickens if we ever bought a real house -- thinking I might lose more sleep though. Poor bony - you tried.

  9. Ikea in Conshohoken (sp?)....???

  10. O no! How sad. I wish I could take them. Iowa is pretty far! (:


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