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Monday, May 31, 2010

Corner of My Home - Balcony

This is our private outdoor sanctuary where we drink tea, lick popsicles , tell each other secrets and take in all that mother nature has to offer us. She is very generous and for that we are grateful. 

Our Morning Glory - what joy it brings to the little ones as it grows fast and is starting to climb!  I have been reading this book and what a delight it would be to create a story that lasts the summer-long about these delicate and beautiful flowers - of course the frog and rabbit would have to be included.

We planted our garden bed this weekend! It was hard work trying to convince the little ones that this bed would be the perfect spot for our new garden. Eventually they agreed and they are both are very eager to give our new flower friends a drink. 

I spotted this at the retirement home across the way - a garden planted by another must have my hands in the earth friend. Every time I look at it I am inspired - it says make do with what you've got and enjoy it!

I am always happy to see people outside gathering around this bench. Young and old - Mother Nature heals us and brings contentment and joy to our hearts.

Life is good when you don't have to go far to enjoy what you love. This neighbor of ours was a very happy neighbor indeed. I don't care for fishing myself- but I do find enjoyment in watching other people be one with nature. The little ones were so excited when he reeled in the huge fish and then released the fish back to his family.

I don't like Canadian Geese either but this family of five has been a learning experience for Ella and Vivian. It has been endearing to watch them grow and sometimes quite comical. The girls love when they all go out for a swim together in one straight line. 

This morning the fish were splashing all around the edge of the pond - I have never seen anything like it. Click on the picture to see the fish - Geir said they were mating. Looked more like wrestling - but maybe the female fish was just playing hard to get.

We have several blue herring in our pond. They have such a presence, almost mysterious and when they fly it is magical to witness. We have turtles too but I  wasn't able to photograph them although they are big enough  - maybe 3 feet long. We have also seen fawn, turkeys, hawks and eagles all from our tiny, little balcony. This corner is quite special to us - it is where we are reminded of Mother Nature's presence and each one of us is drawn to this spot morning, noon and night. 

What are you drawn to in your home?



  1. Love this post Nicole!!! We have a mama Robin in our front tree. So far three babies have come and more soon she's been sitting on her nest again! The girls we so excited when the first three were in our tree ready to fly. They named one "chubby". It's such a great experience for them.

    You live in a beautiful area with so much nature to enjoy!

  2. Dear Nicole,
    What a lovely spot on your balcony and beautiful surroundings:)

  3. The little garden bed is just the sweetest thing, how very delightful!

  4. your garden bed is so sweet, you have decorated your peaceful spot so lovely. it is wonderful that you can spot all of this wildlife so closely.

  5. Lovely balcony. Sadly what I am drawn to in my home is probably what needs to be cleaned up! I spend so much time away from my home, it needs my attention so badly. When I am there all I can see is hand prints, dust bunnies and crumbs on the floor. Love marks, right? Right. Coming from your perspective though, that is what I need to filter my view point from. Thank you.

  6. I am currently finding myself drawn to my desk - a rickety little thing drowing under half sketched ideas and half hatched plans....we rent and although we have more space it takes a special kind of appreciation with its own limits to make a home. I am so glad you can take a balcony and create such a beautiful space. I'm sure in no time you will have lots of vertical gardening going on!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog so that I can visit yours! We have a Pa/Philly connection! I'll hop over to Facebook, maybe we can have coffee this summer!

  8. beautiful spot and surroundings. i like how you appreciate simple, sweet things. you are a thoughtful mama!

  9. Love your flower bed Nicole. I love balconies too. Something instantly happens when you walk out onto them, they are just so calming.

  10. Those are views from your beautiful deck? Lucky you!

  11. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.


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