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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Water Footprint

I found a really cool and interesting website that calculates your water footprint. My family uses approximately 3,400.38 gallons a water a day! That is  850.09 gallons per person where as the average American uses 1190.5 a day. We are better than average but I 'd still like to find ways for us to improve. The laundry machine is where we consume the most water. I am always doing laundry.  I need to learn to wear clothing more than once before I wash it and keep the girls from wearing several outfits a day. Taking baths is our second largest consumption of water.  We have a very large soaking tub and it probably holds 140 gallons of water  - just realizing this today I am glad that Geir and I share the bath water.  Taking baths is one luxury that would be hard to give up. I sleep better, I aches less and I am less stressed after a bath. I'll give up having a shiny, clean car just to keep my baths . To learn about your water footprint click here it is fun and informative.

Yesterday we had a picnic at our new, borrowed back yard. If you live in the area and you haven't been I highly recommend you go. We bought a family membership for $95 and that is for the entire year. It includes guest passes, discounts on classes and food,  free outdoor concerts, invites to special events and simply put - a truly magical place to just be. And if I see you there lets pretend to be good neighbors.

Geir and I sat on a picnic blanket eating olives, cheese, strawberries and crackers while watching the little ones play in the stream. No pressure to cut the grass or trim the hedge!

Somehow I only captured photos of Miss Vivian. Ella had just as much fun!

I hope your weekend was just as enchanting as ours. Namaste.


  1. Enchanting...No...Little Leauge is taking over my life at the moment...only cause I let it. I am enjoying this immensely. Having a little boy around is great fun.

  2. Hmm... will have to figure out what our water consumption is---kinda scary!

    Glad you are enjoying days outside in nature!

  3. I'm embarrased to say what our water usage is. It's definitely above average...our house is 15 years old and still has original appliances and my washer is nearly 17 years old. I'm secretly wishing they would die so I could replace with more effecient ones. My husband is of the ilk that you don't replace it until it dies. I had to beg, jump up and down etc. to get him to replace the 15yo A/C units! We are planning to replace our 15 yo toilets this summer and that should help some. The one thing that really hits us is the pool which was NOT my idea for exactly this reason!

  4. hi there!
    your sage banner caught my eyes: i can almost smell it!!

  5. Oh, thanks for the link to that website. I am getting virtual visual pleasure from your surrogate backyard!


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