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Friday, April 23, 2010

Speak to the Universe

and it will listen. 

The girls and I were invited today to help garden in one of the most beautiful places on earth today. Thanks to a new Goddess friend who listened to my sadness about not being able to share gardening with my girls at our last circle and another new friend who read this post and thought of me. It was a gorgeous Spring day here in Pennsylvania. I am truly grateful to not only have been invited to garden with these wonderful women but also to be a part of their new homeschooling group.


This glorious day did not end with gardening and hanging out with new friends. 


 I had the chance to sneak out while the girls napped (yes both girls are back to napping!!! and Geir works from home - a nice perk,) so I went to watch Losang Samten demonstrate the art and ritual of creating a mandala at the Glen Cairn Museum. It was fascinating - more to follow in an upcoming post.

The day ended with Ella and I gathering around a campfire with good friends listening to stories and roasting marshmallows. Ella claims to have seen a shooting star tonight and I believe her - this whole day was magical.

It felt so good to dig, touch the earth and be surrounded by all things beautiful and spiritual.

Thank you Michelle, Chandra, Geir, Becky and the Universe. 



  1. woooohoooo!!! So happy for you my dear friend!! You deserve it.

  2. What an awesome way to end the day! Thanks for inviting us to the campfire! It was beautiful to sit in nature.. Riley was so excited....though she said she had no idea what the storyteller was talking about!! Haha! Have a great weekend! Becky

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful day! Have a great weekend my friend:)

  4. What a beautiful post, I am so happy for you Nicole! Isn't it incredible how the universe knows our heart! I remember Elizabeth from the blog sowabisabi speaking of mandalas in PA as well.

  5. Beautiful post, beautiful day!
    I love your new header.


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