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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simple Sunday - Dandelion Rafts

To help get me out of my blues, Geir -my thoughtful husband bought a family membership to a nearby arboretum.  I have been missing a backyard to call my own. It became so much so that I started doubting our choice of home - our beautiful condo. My self doubt has subsided after a few magical trips to this amazing outdoor space - only twenty minutes from our home. We spent the entire morning here - picking dandelions and rafting them down the stream - one by one Vivian was immersed in pure joy as her favorite thing to do is picking flowers. She'll beg "Pease, pease, pease Mom can I pick fowers." I was happy to oblige. Maybe the girls have a deeper appreciation for the outdoors because they don't have quick access - or maybe I am just telling myself that to make me feel better. We were all just so happy to be there. What I do know is that being outside in nature heals and promotes well-being. Inner Nature when nurtured promotes self-reliance - that sense that let's us know who we are, what we need and what we've got to work with. Time spent at this arboretum (and my husband) gave me what I needed to feel better - and the ability to nurture my inner nature and to accept things as they are.


  1. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos, it looks like a gorgeous and relaxing place to be. I am glad you were nurtured by your family and by the outdoors on this day.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Is there where some of your other gorgeous photos have been taken? You know, having to make your way somewhere to be in nature makes it so much more intentional and gives such a conscious appreciation. Lovely.

  3. The outdoors truly is so healing. I'm glad you are on the mend.

  4. Dear Nicole,
    It is lovely to see you blogging again:) What a wonderful place you and you family visited! How amazing to connect with Mother Earth in such a beautiful place...

  5. You're back! I have missed the window to your world which from here looks happy and peaceful. Keep going! It helps me feel happy and peaceful.

  6. A bit of nature always does the trick! It's amazing how soothing and clearing some time in the outdoors can be! These photos are beautiful, what a pretty place!
    Feel better, and know that most people wonder if where they are living is the right place! I am sure your condo is lovely, and you can make it what you want. People think i must live in a perfect place, and Miami really can be gorgeous, but heck, I live in a neighborhood that would scare a lot of people. Sort of ghettoish and down the street from a strip club! I don't care though, I make my home, my life, my world what I want it to be---and always attempt to see the glass as half-full.


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