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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heart Swap

A few weeks back I joined "Heart Swap" - hosted by Linda and Heidi - bloggers from South Africa. I met Linda through her gorgeous and informative blog Natural Suburbia. Linda has the most amazing backyard and is an awesome photographer. She was so very kind to me when I started to blog a few months back - she always left me a comment  - a thrill in itself.  But it was more than that - it meant that someone who I didn't even know was reading my blog! It was very encouraging. So when I read that Linda and Heidi wanted to do a "Heart Swap" I wanted to share my love too. I was partnered up with Heidi who among other things sells handcrafted purses in her etsy shop. I have my eye on one. They are so stylish and practical - perfect for a Mama who needs to carry other things beside a purse. What an amazing skill it is to handcraft something so beautiful. These purses are really works of art.

Heidi sent me some love and my little girls were so excited to open the package - even if it was a gift for thier Mama. 

A beautiful hand knitted IPOD cozy! Ella nor Vivy will be able to claim it as it has MY name on it! To learn how to make one click here.  Thank you very much Heidi. My husband thinks I should put my blackberry in it as I never can find my phone to answer his calls. The girls and I also like the butterfly you sent us - we placed it on a branch over our nature table - it is very happy there. I am working on my love to you! I look forward to our blossoming friendship Heidi - I would have never imagined to have friends in South Africa.



  1. You are most heartily welcome my friend, I am pleased you liked it! The world is really quite small and distances short when friends meet up, and share of themselves...
    Your little girls are so beautiful, Nicole, you are very blessed...
    Heidi :)

  2. Dear Nicole,
    I am so glad you are enjoying the heart swap:) Heidi is a lovely person and I am so happy you have both met through the swap:)

    Thank you so much for your kind words Nicole, I feel very blessed to know you and really enjoy visiting your blog:)

    Have a lovely day,


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