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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - Oracle Cards

After bathing the girls and reading Little House in the Big Woods aloud to Ella I sent them both off with their "Pa"  who always tucks them in at night. This time of day fills me with joy - because the day is over or because the day was beautifully spent. Tonight I felt the latter. I poured myself some fairy tea and propped myself up on some pillows in my bedroom, incense burning, candles lit and I centered myself. I had that need to feel above all else - to leave my motherhood worries alone and focus on my inner Goddess. For inspiration and a little bit of whimsy I shuffled my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards and the above card was chosen.
I have been feeling a little hurried lately and worried about how things will evolve. I plan ahead too much and miss out on the now moments too often. I need to release my need to make sure everything about our day runs smoothly and have more trust that it will without always having to take the lead. I need to practice the "sit and let unfold" attitude at least part of my day. There are days even weeks that  I can allow this approach to life  happen and those are the days that are magical. I am not feeling rushed - the girls are not feeling rushed and our agenda for the day is not forced or skewed with what I think we need to do - when most of the time all we really need to do is just enjoy being home with each other. This insight with the help of a oracle card all comes to my attention through my inner Goddess - my commitment to rise to the occasion each Wednesday and do something for myself. Perhaps if it were Thursday I might be planning Friday but tonight I think I'll take  it easy. No planning, no brainstorming, no preparing, no emails, no agenda - I have about an hour left of my night - no rush though I am taking this next hour slow.

If you never heard of oracle cards - they are a beautiful (at least the ones I have) deck of cards that can answer questions, give insight on the past, present and future, communicate with your intuition, and help you focus on an area of your life. The deck is accompanied with a guidebook to give further understanding of their meanings. All the cards are loving and positive, reflecting the powerful love that the Goddesses bring to us. 


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