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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Musings - The Color Orange

 I am feeling "orangy" today - uplifted, enthused, inspired and content. My energy has been high all day.  Yesterday was a different story - I was feeling red. I needed a break.  I needed to play - so with Geir's blessings I went to our bedroom closed the door and took one big sigh. What did I want to do first? Hum...I started with yoga, I then worked on my first mandala, I took a salted bath, I read a bit from my camera manual and I had my first real jam session with my new dulcimer. I want to play like this.

I have always loved Joni Mitchell and never realized she played the dulcimer. I am so inspired. 

The best part about my playtime was that the kids were still awake and playing with Geir. I wasn't staying up all hours of the night only to dread the morning. As soon as the girls went to bed I came out and popped in the movie Julie & Julia and devoured vanilla ice cream smothered in peanut butter and bananas. 

I started off today with deep meditation -  using grapefruit oil instead of my normal eucalyptus oil for my breathing exercises. They say the smell of grapefruit really does make a person happy. It had a nice effect on me. After breakfast, the little ones and I set out to garden at the Cathedral - words cannot express the experience or my gratitude for this opportunity. 

Nap-time came and I indulged in re-planting my houseplants. I took a few cuttings to start roots so I'll have some to share with friends. I then reorganized our art cupboard, changed around the nature table and drank a cup of tea while admiring all that I had accomplished.  With time still left I read about past Mayday celebrations. Here is the link if you are interested. Then it was dinner made by Geir, the  pool with friends and blog time! I am one lucky, orangy Mama. 

What's your color today?


  1. What a lovely post, I appreciate your kind happy spirit Nicole. My favorite color has always been green and just this spring in this new home it surprisingly changed to yellow!! I wonder what this means? : )

  2. I'm particularly drawn to red right now. Actually, I have been for the past few years. Lately though, I've also noticed that muted greens are catching my eye. I love color and am really feeling the need for more of it in my life right now!

  3. I have an Ella :)..nice to meet you!


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