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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcoming the Birds Home

This past Monday was a beautiful Spring-like day - it inspired me to plan the week with little activities each day to celebrate the birds homecoming. On the first day of our celebration we gathered up our hairbrushes and combed out all the hair that had collected on them. 

We then choose a pretty colored felt and placed the felt and our collection of  hair into our miniature nature baskets and set off to Briar Bush Nature Center - They have a fantastic bird observatory - just a few minutes  from where we live. We started out on our gift giving expedition by stopping at this beautiful stone bird bath - stirring love and magic into the cold water bath. 

We walked along and listened for birdsong and nesting spots. Learning a bird would never make this spot in the tree below a home. I think it is a house for chipmunks but can't be for sure. The little ones learned that squirrels,  owls and bees also like living in the trees.  

Ella found the perfect bush to set out our gifts for the birds. - a nice quiet spot where the birds would feel safe while gathering their new found treasures.

The girls  were so serious about this offering - it was such a joy to watch. The birds will be very happy to find these treasures when they are out looking for materials to build their new homes. We choose a bright colored felt so they could easily find our gifts. Ella sang a made-up song and Vivi clapped happily - it was a very ceremonious event. We then found our way to the bird observatory and rocked in the rocking chairs trying to keep quiet so we could observe the birds - then decided Vivy's energy was much too great for that and so we looked at some charts to learn more about the local birds. 

We were all feeling the good energy and wanted to go back out side and feel the warm sun and continue our walk through the wood.

This walk was Vivian's first big-girl nature walk - as before we would always bring the jogging stroller. She walked the entire mile - I was amazed and very thankful because she weighs 36 pounds. 

Vivy was still amazed by the snow - every time she saw a patch she had to stop to rub her boots in it. Ella meanwhile, wanted to  climb every tree trunk she found and swing from the trees.

I was loving every minute of this. This was such a fun and thoughtful day. A new awareness was brought to the little ones on our walk - they were really thinking about the birds and were very attuned with the nature - they didn't want to leave - it was just us on the path with the birds and the trees and then it happened to me - I had new awareness. 

Namaste and goodnight.


  1. I am sure you and your girls will sleep soundly tonight...after being one with nature...Sounded like an awesome adventure...

  2. Dear Nicole,
    What a beautiful post, I love the photo of the tree, it has a heart- shaped opening in its trunk, so special...
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, you are most kind:)


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