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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Watercolor Tuesday - Handwork by Geir

Handwork is essential, practical, fun and admittedly cool - the very thing I love about Waldorf education and a handmade home. Geir is leading by example and built a mini guitar amplifier for his Fender Jaguar. He built this low wattage amplifier so that he could play at night without waking up the little ones. 

Ella enjoyed watching her Dad finagle wires, buttons, switches, dials, and connecting them to a circuit board. Although she didn't quite understand what he was making - it didn't matter - it was his enthusiasm and his ability to work with his hands that kept her interested. She took right to it and claimed a piece of wood, made marks with a pencil and engaged in making her own project. The time they spent creating their projects created much more than a really cool result...  

It created memories for Ella and her Dad. Geir played his guitar with his new amplifier and we were all impressed. I like quiet - so I was happy for this new toy of his. Geir bought the wood case from AC MOORE however the rest of the components were refurbished.  What I enjoyed most was watching the process of their handwork. I loved the interaction between the two of them, the questions that Ella asked, the seriousness of Ella and her confidence that she can make cool things too. I am so appreciative that Geir enjoys and welcomes a handmade home as much as I do. 

In honor of Spring we made painted Tulip Wands with watercolor  today- perfect for my little Spring Maidens. Happy Watercolor Tuesday!

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