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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Watercolor Tuesday - Fire Alarm

We were all in need of a little "Wee- Whoo Therapy" after triggering the fire alarm today during nap-time. Ella woke up early and we decided to bake some cinnamon buns for our afternoon snack. I had no idea of the fiasco that would soon follow after taking this snapshot of Ella preparing  the buns.

As soon as I smelled the smoke coming from the oven - the ear-piercing  fire alarm went off. Although I knew there wasn't a fire - sheer terror came over me... the building would be evacuating because of ME and my smoking oven! I turned off the oven and Ella and I immediately ran to get Vivian. We then met at our meeting place and the girls put on their ear protector muffs. I quickly found my phone (a miracle) and called down to the front desk and explained the situation - minutes later the alarm went silent.The buns were uneatable. 

I really can't explain the puddle of something on the floor oven - but I am pretty sure that is what caused the problem. When Geir and I convinced ourselves that we wanted to buy a condo - the fire alarm never crossed my mind. It never made it on the Con list. If it had it would be a HUGE con. It is quite frighting when the alarm sounds - I have written about our evacuations previously and you can read about them  here and here - just in case you missed them. Since then the fire alarm has gone off a handful of times. Vivian calls fire engines "Wee Woo" thanks to her little friend Sanders - so it is suffice to say we needed a little Wee Whoo therapy today and skipped our normal routine of watercolor painting. The girls wanted to be close by so we read books, drank teas, cuddled, took a warm bath and boiled our dinner.

Probability runs through me head - I can't help thinking about the other 230 plus units and if their oven needs to be cleaned...


  1. I love how you've handled the alarms with you girls. You've given them a great deal of peace around something that can be so scary. I'm hoping your building gets the alarms calibrated so that they aren't going off at every little whiff of smoke! My heart starts racing when the smoke alarm goes off and I'm sure what y'all have is much louder!

    BTW, how in the world do you keep your oven so clean??!

  2. Wow. It's funny because we never had to deal with fire alarms with my girls until we moved here. This house has so many fire alarms and they are constantly going off over NOTHING! Scares my girls half to death :( You handle it so well, I need to learn from you to help my girls.

  3. Funny you should say my oven was clean...it is close to being brand new.

    And yes, if they could get the alarm system straightened out I'd feel much better about living in a condo. The building is as new as the oven - well sort of, so...

    I appreciate both your comments about handling the situation well - I try.

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. You really do handle it well! Hope they fix the darn thing!
    How's your day going mama?

  5. Sounds like you handled that really well despite feeling frightened. M's school has a fire drill once a month, and though they tell them about it beforehand, last time it happened her class was in the library and didn't hear the announcement. She was terrified! She talks about it often and I feel so bad that I can't be there with her! It was so smart of you to come up with a plan beforehand.

  6. Ahhh, poor little ones. It sounds like you handle it beautifully.


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