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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Quiet Spring Equinox

It was a lovely Spring Equinox here in Pennsylvania. I wore my Flower Circlet (made last night at the Goddess Circle) all around the house today while Spring Cleaning. I told the little ones that I was the Spring Cleaning Goddess and they took me seriously - and why not? They wanted in so they donned  their Royal Crowns and and went to work.  It was magical - windows opens, bright sunshine and  a shiny -clean castle that we call home - we didn't want to leave. The girls think the equinox is Monday and they are looking forward to the celebrations. That's when our crowns and circlets will make us into Spring Maidens. Geir, my husband will be returning home from a week's long business trip -  so I am planning a home-cooked meal for him, festivities for the little ones and some alone time for me. The girls made it so easy this week for me that I feel truly blessed by them. 

Here is my 30th day of beauty photo - My two favorite girls 
being quiet and content.
Back in February I took on a challenge to find beauty in everyday life. I had a great time snapping pictures and learning how to use my new camera. I didn't get very far in the manual - I hate reading directions or technical stuff.  I am more of a hands on type - but I want to get myself to read through it and really learn how to use all the settings and learn some tricks. So my new moon intention this month is to read about the camera. Here are my top five photos.  I'd  love to hear your favorite photos - you can see all 30 of them on the side bar. 

No. 6
No. 3
No. 18
No. 27
No. 29

Have a Blessed Spring!


  1. I wondered where 30 was...however, # 29 was and is my favorite.
    Beautiful babies you have...your little ones.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. No.6 is my favorite. There is something very magical looking about the lights through the snow.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words when our family was ill Nicole:) Have a wonderful celebration, we will be celebrating our Autumn Equinox tomorrow. I love the photo of the trees and the snow:)

  4. You have inspired me to pick a project and finish it...all of your pictures are beautiful.

  5. Huge Laughter Anonymous!
    I guess you liked that I finally put up #30!!!

    Thanks for sharing the photo you likes best Arlene, Lou, Linda and Childhood Magic!

    Best, Nicole


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