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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Philadelphia Pretzels




How freeing it was to drop off my bags of little girl clothes to my favorite consignment shop in Glenside.  I felt a little tug in my heart so I kept a few favorite pieces and put them aside to make a quilted blanket ...someday. Going through these clothes brought back so many fond memories that a quilted blanket made from pieces of the little ones clothing throughout thier childhood would be so nice to snuggle with when they spread their wings and fly from our nest.  For now, if I can find the time, I would like to make a birthday banner for Vivian out of some of the pieces - time is of the essence.  I have put a lot of thought into what I wanted to give Vivy for her second birthday while keeping it simple. I don't want stuff to shelve and clutter and I want to keep to this year's mantra "need what we have." Tricky when it comes to gift-giving for the little ones. Vivian loves rainbows - she talks about them and draws them all the time - so here is what I found and I am so happy. I bought a few other nature inspired tokens for her birthday to add to her collection (see below) and Big Sister bought her a new pink floating swimsuit. So practical that Ella!  I am throwing a simple rainbow party celebrating with our family here in Pennsylvania - menu to follow in a future post.  Vivy is going to wear this - and look amazingly dashing -so Big Sister thinks! I searched high and low on Etsy  for a felted rainbow crown and there just wasn't one. The party is next Saturday - not enough time to special order one - bummer. 

Back to those Philadelphia pretzels...after visiting Mary at the consignment shop the girls and I took a brisk walk through Keswick Village to our favorite soft-pretzel shop and shared some yummy pretzels and orange juice. It was cold out today and so windy that it made snack time invigorating.  Cold noses - happy tummies! The funny thing about March is that  I am always colder than any other month - I dress as if Spring is here when it really is only in my mind. Below is a picture taken from the girl's bedroom window - it is a tell-tell sign that Spring is almost here. Just a week ago this pond was solid ice. 

 This is my favorite kind of day - out in the elements - sharing favorite snacks and going to the consignment shops!


  1. Did I tell you I learned to quilt? Well...I had a lot of help. Hard work, but so worth it in the end!
    I wish I had the time to make another - and to show you how!
    Happy early birthday to Miss Vivy!

  2. I love her rainbow fairy dress! So fun!


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