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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inner Goddess - Knowing

I don't believe, I know.
                         ~ Carl Jung

Because I know... why don't I do it - more often? Since I  know then why do I still do it? This perplexes me. Yet I know I am not alone. This weekend  I helped to gather a small group of inspiring women  to create a Goddess Circle - a place where we will celebrate who we are and nourish who we want to become. I will always need to gather around other Mama's and forge together onto the new frontiers of motherhood and soon the frontier of homeschooling - but I also want to gather around goddesses and celebrate the inner me.

This topic of knowing our needs and suppressing our abilities to give ourselves what we need came up - and it was such a profound moment for me.  I know what makes me feel centered, calm, joyous - and I know I don't devote enough time to generate these feelings. Is it lack of time, inspiration, a mood, fatigue, the weather? 

I don't know the answer to this question...yet. But starting today I am going to unravel this mystery of mine and use what I know; my double jogging stroller and the beautiful walking parks in the area, an indoor pool, my yoga mat and fresh, wholesome food. I am going to tell my husband what I need instead of expecting him to know - and try to do it guilt-free. I am going to be mindful of what I put into my body. I am going to follow Michael Pollan's advice and eat only what would be recognizable to my great-grandmothers (not so many potatoes though.) I am also going to apply some of the tips that I found to be very encouraging in this book - a great find off my mother's bookshelf. I will get a routine doctors exam and have my iron levels checked. I am going to re-order my favorite vitamins and minerals after this post, I have gone too long without them.  I will ignore my husbands suggestion that I could be perimenopausal, and know that he meant well.  Last but not least I just might give myself the permission to go on that woman's retreat  this weekend - after all it is a retreat celebrating goddesses of all things! And if I am still fatigued, annoyed and listless I will know that it is not anything I know now. 

Breathe deep and know that I am.


  1. Beautiful sentiments. I agree with everything you said and I am going to try and do the same. Be well.

  2. I love this post. I can related to it so much. And that Jung quote--I need to remember that.

  3. So I love eating healthy! Why are those your Vitamin and Minerals of choice? And I just heard about Michael Pollan's new book, food rules, and I am going to buy it soon enough! Have you seen this interview of him?..... http://themoderatevoice.com/58128/michael-pollans-food-rules/

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  5. I love Peter Gilham's vitamins because they are the only supplements that ever made me feel a positive difference. I also like that it is liquid form - and I can sneak into smoothies for the little ones. The vitamins taste like food - not like some chemical concoction. I should have added this link... http://www.petergillham.com/wp/
    I am not getting a darn thing from Peter except great vitamins - the best price I have found for them is at vitacost.com.
    I don't think you will be disappointed.
    Thanks for reading and asking questions.
    Be well.


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