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Saturday, March 6, 2010

In Search of Spring...

We started our morning off at Daryl's Bakery in Glenside and ate egg sandwiches outside. Our little picnic seemed to make everyone who walked by us smile. One happy woman passed by and said - "Now there is a sure sign of Spring!" and viola that exclamation  became my inspiration for today's post. 
After breakfast we headed off to Alverthorpe Park.

Geir put new air in the tires and we were ready!

We brought along our bread baskets to feed the birds. 

And set off off into the woods looking for signs of Spring. 

In search of green we found this lovely moss.

We discovered that the cubs have left their den. 
(Ok not really - but it is fun to believe.)

Proof that there really is an Easter Bunny and we are pretty sure it wasn't 
A must read!

My nap-time indulgence - sprucing up our nature table. 

Vivian playing in the bright sunshine - at 5 in the afternoon!


1 - 2 - 3

Ella spinning on the bar - enjoying her prowess.

A wet boogie hand...
touches disgusted Big Sister - tears flow, feelings hurt. 
Vivy feeling misunderstood - Ella wondering why SHE has to apologize.
Kiss, make up and everybody is happy again
-until they learn that it is time to go home.

A perfect ending to our search for Spring - it felt so good even with tired and cranky kids. If you are wondering why I am not at the Goddess retreat -  life led me in a different direction. I am not complaining - life happens the way it was meant to be and I was meant to enjoy my family today. 

Hope you are enjoying your loved ones.

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  1. Such wonderful photos! You are heading into Spring as we head into Autumn... The photos of the trees and the 'den' are amazing the the expressions on your little one's face are priceless:)
    Have a wonderful Sunday Nicole,

  2. The snow looks so pretty.
    We don't get snow like that up here, it snows but it melts very quickly.
    Funny I just did a post about Autumn...:)
    This week Ive been in search of Autumn.

  3. What fun and your photography is beautiful! We're heading out later today for our dose of Spring. The Country Bunny was one of my favorite books as a child and of course we have it for Lilah as well...funny how it feels like we are more connected after you moved away :(

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog.I love your photos and your nature table looks fantastic! Wish my daughter still napped, could do with some of that indulgence!

  5. such a cute series with your girls. LOL. beautiful shots and family adventure. i LOVE days like that!

  6. Looks like a very lively and lovely day! Amazing how refreshing it is to see signs of spring!

  7. That wet boogie incident is hilarious! So perfectly caught on camera too!


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