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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - Makes Scents to Me

In honor of Goddess Wednesday - I sought out my own answer of what makes me a Goddess. The answer is simple - I purposely seek out the life that I want to live. I strive to make me happy. I intentionally make the effort to be kind to myself.  I am sure of myself and of the daily spiritual commitments I practice. One simple practice is lighting incense. 

One of my favorite incense to burn is from a company called Encens d' Auroville. Each stick is hand-rolled  by woman from Auroville, India under a fair trade agreement. They are all natural and do not contain harmful or toxic ingredients. My favorite fragrance is Rose - and to my surprise I discovered today that the fragrance of Rose induces self-awareness and happy confidence. I am surprised only because this is so true of my personality and I never really wondered why Rose was my favorite fragrance - it just is and it's no wonder.

Sarah Ban Breathnach comments on this very topic in her book "Simple Abundance" ...

"Self confidence is a special elixir that Spirit has prepared to help each of us face and surmount the challenges of life. It is an aromatic blending of invigorating essences: attitude, experience, knowledge, wisdom, optimism, and faith." She goes on... "Like an expensive perfume, only a smidgen of self-confidence is needed to enhance a woman's aura." 

If the little ones are awake and I need some confidence I just put a few drops of essential oil in my little burner and the air is clear and we all feel a little better. This practice of incense burning is a natural rhythm of my day -  nap-time and bedtime. I raise a new consciousness by lighting incense . It brings an awareness to myself and reminds me to relax and to be the Goddess that I am meant to be. 

Incense has been used for over  5000 years. Eastern and Western religions use it in their worship. Incense symbolizes the sacredness of a person or a special occasion. It rises energies, lifts moods and is quite simply an easy mood enhancement that is affordable and delightful.   Perfect for a Goddess. 

 I would love to connect with other Goddesses. Please share with me how you honor yourself as a Goddess and how you became to know yourself as a Goddess. I will share with you a packet of my favorite Rose incense and for now on what I will call my Goddess Wands. On March 31st I will randomly pick a commenter and send her a packet of these magical Goddess Wands. May these wands enhance your self-confidence and inner joy.
Embrace your true self - it makes for a happier life. 


  1. The main way I honor myself these days is by going to take a yoga class with my girlfriends. Ahh. . . so wonderful! Oh, and I knew i was a goddess the day i gave birth to my first child!!

  2. A lovely post, I appreciate your confidence in being a woman. We need more of that in this world, a healthy confidence and love of life while sharing this happiness with our children.
    I love what the commenter above me wrote about giving birth, I absolutely agree! It is also my children who enhance my knowledge of who I already know that I am. (I enjoyed looking at all of your photos down your sidebar, a creative way to participate in 30 days of beauty - I like your take on it!)

  3. ...thank you for leaving comments as I am always interested in this topic of Goddess.

    Birthing children sure does turn us into amazing women.

    I find yoga is a great time to work with my inner Goddess - taking care of my little ones is a perfect time live up to being the Goddess...creating a happy home makes make me a better Goddess and living a heartfelt life lets me BE a Goddess.

    Please send me an email with your postal address at nicole@redbeets.com -- I want to send you both a little present of incense.


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