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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - Balancing it All

Life is a balancing act. I gave myself permission today to let it all just hang by a string. I needed to rest and I needed not to struggle with my normal expectations of the day. I wasn't going to let me inner voice complain all day until dusk of how sick I felt. I let my expectations go and listened to my needs. So instead of zooming around the house at nap-time doing daily chores and chasing nap-time indulgences I put the little ones down for nap, poured a tall glass of ice water, took a few drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy and slipped into bed with my basket of books and some new favorite newsletters.
 It felt so good to give myself permission - and do this guilt free. Earlier I printed out  Eileen's newsletter from her blog Little Acorn Learning and after reading it I thought it was so useful, friendly and insightful. Eileen and her contributing authors really have introspective grasp to what  readers want, need and enjoy. I feel lucky to have found this support with my Waldorf inspired homeschooling endeavors. After reading this newsletter my mind went back to "go" mode - I was so inspired and had lots of ideas. But I needed to rest - so I placed some eucalyptus oil on a tissue and gently breathed in the medicinal and meditative smell. I feel asleep and a little while later  woke up with the chills. I drew a warm, salted bath for myself. I let go of all visions of my messy house, to-do list,  the clock and our missed routine. It is these moments that I realize how much I balance in life and how good it feels to let them go if only for an afternoon.  Like the cheerios in the picture - they balance nicely when they don't have to do it all by themselves - that piece of yarn represents my effort in making sure I rested today so I can keep a balanced and happy family without being bitter about it. There have been many days that I  choose to struggle through the day trying to get it all done when I wasn't feeling well . I did it differently today because today is Goddess Wednesday and I did what any Goddess would do - take care of herself. It might have worked out differently if I had came down with a cold on another day. Taking one day a week to focus on me is really working out well.

We don't always get a bowl full of cherries - sometimes life hand us a bowl full of sour grapes. Treating ourselves better - resting when our bodies need to - quieting our minds to listen to ourselves. Life doesn't have to be bitter.

Be well and most importantly be kind to yourself. 


  1. i've been realizing the same thing this week as well. saying no, has allowed me to say yes to rest that my body desperately needs and to not feel bad about it.

  2. Me too...just reading the article below before I saw this post.


    We all need to care for ourselves (and one another) in addition to all the mothering we do!

  3. Oh I am so glad you all said what you said about this post - I laid in bed thinking "nobody cares" and that would be ok - but when you realize people do care - it is really touching and supportive.

    A wonderful - heartfelt thanks.


  4. Wonderful post. I've spent the entire week doing nothing but taking care of myself as my body would have nothing else. It has started to wear on me, the not being able to DO. So reading this brings me back to what is important. I will spend a few more days caring for myself in order to have the health necessary for later.


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