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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Giggling Girls & The Dulcimer

The girls and I arrived home this afternoon from a beautiful day outside. As we were walking through the front lobby the doorman stopped me and said that I had a package. He then said "What new instrument did you order this time?" as he knows our family fairly well. I gave him a dumbfounded look and continued to be dumbfounded as I carried this tall package up. I started to think that maybe Geir bought another guitar...but the package had my name on it and it was spelled wrong - wasn't him.   I had no clue from the outside of the box - The Dulcimer Shoppe?  - what's a dulcimer - not even sure it was a thing. I was so curious - I didn't waste a second to get this box open. This is what a dulcimer is....

When I opened the case and saw this beautiful instrument I had a very clear idea who sent this to me. Ella shouted out "It is a Mommy Guitar!" and started jumping up and down - while Vivian threw the popcorn packing in the air. We were a bunch of giggling girls. It was a glorious moment for all of us. 

My clear idea has not been confirmed yet so I wont reveal who I think sent us this generous and beautiful gift. There wasn't a card or a  clue - nor did there need to be. The glorious moment turned into a glorious day. The sound that sings from this dulcimer is magical. It is the 4FHWS model and you can listen to it here. I am in love with my new Mommy Guitar!  I want to enjoy this day and think about how to go about accepting this lovely gift tomorrow. 

 Do you see the moon? It is the same moon you see.

Just to not make anyone wonder more than they have to - this mystery person is not a past lover or anything weird like that. Well maybe a little weird but on the safe side of weird. 


  1. oh, that is just beautiful! (as is ella's grin!)
    what an amazing and generous gift!
    i have to tell you...i was just reading your "why red beet" and i loved your reasoning. when people share why they have named their blogs, it just makes blogging more fun. also, i love that you do frugal friday! i used to do that and then dropped off of it.
    Which Name?

  2. I love the moon observation...such a neat way to connect with people around the world. What a beautiful gift too.

  3. Who ever it is, I want to be their friend too ;o)
    I love surprise packages like this. I always feel like a kid opening them!

  4. Nicola - thank you for your thoughtful comments and being interested enough to read about about my why.

    The Mountain Dulcimer is an amazing gift - I really love it.

    Melanie - the moon is magical in its own right - you always pick up on the small things I add - glad that you notice and we share that same likeness!

    Imene - I am with you on opening packages - especially the ones that you were not expecting!!


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