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Friday, March 19, 2010

Frugal Friday - Tsukihosh Sneakers

I can spot quality when I see it. I never heard of this brand of shoes "Tsukihosh" have you? They are from Japan and I absolutely love them. Brand new these sneakers would cost about $56.00 - I bought them at Mary's for $22.00 and they look brand new. I am always a little weary about used shoes that look new - it seems that when I buy new-used shoes there was a reason why the other child didn't wear the shoes -this becomes obvious when my child wont wear the shoe after one outing. I however take the shoes out of the consignment circle. It is just bad energy to sell something that is of no use. So I had Vivy try these out and she appeared comfortable and as Ella said "fast" but not as fast as her. Vivy has extra, extra wide feet so shoe buying isn't so easy - these fit her perfectly. Best of all they are machine washable which is perfect anytime with a 2 year old - but even more so when they are potty training. This week was our cold turkey week - no diapers except for nighttime - she is a proud little girl with only a few accidents. She loves her new sneakers and walks with a whole new confidence about herself. I am proud of her.


Tonight is the second gathering of our Goddess Circle. We are making Flower Circlets to celebrate the Spring Equinox. I bought each spool of ribbon for 50 cents! I look forward to tonight - this week has been very busy and very exciting. Instead of focusing on myself this past Goddess Wednesday - I made a cup of tea and starting planning a local homeschooling network - as I haven't been able to find one in my area. Although it is something that I want to do - it is for me and my family. So I skipped a post that day and felt lighter. It is a  little overwhelming with all the projects that I have on my wish list - but it feels good - it feels like Spring. New endeavors, new beginnings, and new growth. I feel like I am blossoming into a happier flower this year. Tonight I will celebrate me and my Goddess friends.

I am still thinking about how to accept yesterday's beautiful gift. Please be patient - I feel delicate about it.


  1. I love those sneakers! Malayna has had two pairs of them. Great find!

  2. I wish I could go to your Goddess Circle gathering! And I understand the overwhelming feeling when trying to accomplish your projects and dreams for your family. I think you do a great job, an inspiration to many!

  3. Lisa - really? Two pairs! Where did you buy them? I'd buy a pair again.

    Melanie - check out this book "Sacred Circles" at Amazon - it is what partly inspired me to start the circle - maybe you'll start one next!

    Thank for you encouragement - It made me very happy to read your comments.

    Be well!

  4. I got M's at Stride Rite and Olly. Never found a used pair.


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