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Friday, March 12, 2010

Frugal Friday - Prairie Bonnets

I felt double blessed when I found two brand new prairie bonnets at New To You this week... AND that I have two little girls to wear them. Or at least I thought  I did...

Vivian is not having any part of these bonnets. No way - No how. Some of you might agree with her but I love, love, love these bonnets. They are light cotton and will be perfect to use on our nature walks. Tic season is approaching and these make be a great barrier. I love the wide brims which will help keep the sun out of their (Ella's) eyes. 

Ella adores this bonnet and loved wearing it to the market to shop for groceries. I think she also loved the attention from all the older ladies that were so sweet to her. She thought the bonnets were even cooler when I explanied that whenever she needed to carry something like an apple and her hands were full she could use her bonnet like a basket. Best of all she loves the fact that she really never has to take it off - she can slip it down and let it hang on her shoulders. This bonnet is a great reminder of how sweet and innocent our children are.  I am taking this book off the shelf this weekend - I think she is ready for it!

 Image borrowed from Reader2.

Meanwhile I think Vivian's bonnet will just hang here - or until I convince her otherwise. My little ones always wore hats and bonnets since they were born - not sure why she didn't take a liking to these - maybe she just wasn't in the mood and I get that. Then again Vivian is Vivian. I am happy with my $12.00 purchase.

Tomorrow is Vivy's birthday party she is turning 2 - this Mama has been busy!


  1. I used to wear one of those with a matching dress! Adorable.

  2. I could see Vivvy did not like her bonnet. But...you have 2 very different children...maybe she would like a bucket hat better...I too went to consignment yesterday and bought some dress up stuff for me to pose Caitlyn in...and the ones I pick are the ones with the hats...frames their faces and captures the cuteness of them...who knows though, Vivvy may change her mind. Happy Birthday to her! Good Luck! Ella is young she will get over not being in the limelight for the birthday...it's hard for them and so normal.

  3. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely comment you left on my Read Across America post. All too often it is easy to be discouraged by this journey called parenting and to get affirmation from a fellow mama is priceless. Thank you again.


    p.s. Here's hoping your little one had a wonderful birthday...and that she will eventually see the wisdom of bonnet wearing!

  4. Love the bonnets! That was just my sort of thing when I was little. My grandmother made some for me. I so wanted to be Laura Ingals Wilder!

  5. Dear Nicole,
    These bonnets are so beautiful, I love bonnets! They remind me of Little House... and my girls have always asked for bonnets, I think I will have to make them some:)
    Happy Birthday to your Vivian for yesterday:)

  6. Love the bonnets! Happy Birthday to your little Vivvy. My girls love the Little House books.

  7. Thank you for all the sweet comments!

    We started the chapter book "The Little House on The Prairie" - Ella is absolutely fascinated by Laura's way of life!

    I am loving every minute with her and this book.



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