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Friday, March 5, 2010

Frugal Friday - Dresses

Did I mention that I love, love, love little girls clothes? I found these two beautiful dresses at New To You yesterday and I am tickled pink! I paid $12 each for them - four dollars more than I wanted - but justified the sale when I looked them up on Ebay - I got my money's worth and could make a pretty penny if I resold them - but let's not kid myself - we are keeping these beauties.
The detailing on them is beautiful.   

They are fully lined with a silky layer, a cotton layer and then a "poofy" layer - just adorable. 

I didn't know of the brand Maggie and Zoe - but I could feel and see the quality. Ella could not wait to try them on. She kept on asking me when was I going to be done taking their photos.

If you look closely she is hiding behind them - waiting very impatiently. I like little girl clothes to look like little girls clothes. When we were shopping yesterday Ella spotted a mini skirt and asked me to buy it - I told her "we don't do mini skirts" and she asked why. I had a full explanation but just as I feel the mini skirt wasn't age-appropriate neither was my true answer. So I replied with the dreaded "because I said so." Didn't you just hate that when your Mom said that to you as a kid.  But it was the answer that had to be and she let it go. 

Ella  thought if she stood in front of the dresses that I would lose interest in taking any more photos.
She was right. 

Since she was little I have tried to avoid the princess thing - telling her it is much better to be a Queen rather than a princess...this Queen has long silky hair. Ella loves clothes as much as I do - although I don't have many and she has just enough - she gets the same thrill I do when we get something new. Can you see how beautiful she feels in this dress? She knows beauty isn't everything - jumping higher than her friend is everything. But Ella is all girl and for her the desire to feel beautiful comes naturally. She doesn't have to be prim and proper - so long are the Victorian days. If she soils the dress with a stain - it is no trouble at all and very unlikely. Ella is a very neat little girl - she doesn't like stickers because they are too sticky.  Vivian on the other hand has a huge collection of stickers and doesn't mind a mess at all. These dresses will see many tea parties, birthday parties and royal parties this Summer and next. When Vivy is through I mostly will add them to my quilting pile. What a deal!


  1. She looks so sweet in that dress. I have a little one here who loves dresses (won't wear anything else). She would give her right arm for that one I think!

  2. Dear Nicole,
    What beautiful dresses, they are such lovely fabric and amazing treasure finds:)
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. Your daughter looks like such a sweet girl---and beautiful dresses!

  4. Beautiful dresses and the girls too! You always find the greatest stuff. An occassional find in the Goodwill 99 cent bin but never such cute toys and books!

  5. Thank you Ladies!!!

    Laura - the Goodwill in Brookfield was always so good to me - but not so good for the girls. I think the "Once Upon a Child" gets all the nice stuff up there.

    I go often - I think that is how I get so lucky.


  6. Nicole, Great finds! I love little girls in dresses! Did you ever check out Worn Yesterday in Manayunk? ;)


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