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Friday, March 26, 2010

Frugal Friday - Dansko

I made an amazing discovery on our trip to Longwood Gardens yesterday...the Dansko outlet!!! I never thought that Dansko and the word frugal would ever go together  in the same sentence but it is no lie when I tell you that my purchase was 60% off the retail price - so I bought three pairs. I was terribly excited and lost all control. My purchase doesn't quite fall under my simple living ideals but it does fall under honoring myself. Good shoes are  a great honor. Dansko shoes are fabulous and they will lasts for years. I have always had bad feet. I remember having to wear those big, ugly, clunky orthopedic shoes in grade school - well hiding them in a bush on the way to school was more like it and exchanging them with those flat, black Chinese slippers with  belt buckles that I kept hidden in my back pack. Cool over comfort . Thongs come to mind as my greatest discomfort - but  boy did they make me feel sexy.  I think Dansko shoes are both cool and comfortable but not really sexy but that's ok. I am going for a different look now. My first pair of Dansko were green suede. When I had my Ella, my feet grew and I could no longer fit into them. They still looked great after two years so I listed them on eBay and kid you not they sold for $80 bucks - gotta love eBay. Now that I am 39 I have been choosing comfort over cool and let me tell you - when you choose comfort over cool it is hard to go back to cool. Perfect example is when I choose to buy a three pack of cotton white granny underwear - you know the kind they rise up past your navel and cover your ENTIRE rear-end. I love them - but they are a huge regret - they are neither cool or sexy. I just bought some in colors and patterns- it didn't much help for the visual aspect but I feel prettier wearing the floral ones. 

I found this floral top at a congsigment shop earlier this month for a few dollars.  Made in the USA. I have the perfect mellow yellow flowy skirt to wear it with - my new sandals will complete the look and I will be very comfortable.

I bought this black and white skirt for $1.50. It falls just under the knee and has a A line shape. Paired with a white cotton t-shirt and my new black slip-ons - I'll  look pretty cool. 

With all this being said - I love being 39 - the pressure is off to look a certain way in order to belong. I fit perfectly into my life - even in granny underwear.


  1. Love this! I'm a few years older than you and couldn't agree more. I went to a concert put on by our local civic chorus right before Christmas and made the mistake of wearing heels. I won't be doing that again let me tell you and all I did was walk from the car to the building and back! I'll take my Merrell sandals and tennis shoes any day!

  2. Loved your sentence about not feeling pressure anymore. I'm trying to get there slowly but surely. My problem with clothes is that i like them simple and comfortable and end up buying classy and sophisticated because i think it would look good. This summer i will try to go with what i like

  3. Again, Happy Birthday.
    This blog has to be the one that made me laugh the most. I can not put in to words why..can't write like yourself. I just found it funny-what you put about shoes and underwear. So true tho as we get older, comfort is the essence.

  4. I love my Danskos. I have to go to that outlet!

  5. Marianna - I just got rid of all those painful but pretty shoes this past year - it is time that we show our feet some love!!!

    Imene - I like classy and sophisticated - jjill is a fav - however the little ones ruin it in no time. Simple does me best in this season of my life.

    Christine - glad you laughed I was laughing too when I wrote it.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  6. Lisa - it is a great trip to Longwood Gardens and Dansko! Less than an hour.

    BTW - I remember you being a beach Mama - where do you go? Is it off the beaten path?

    Best, Nicole


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