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Monday, March 15, 2010

Corner of My Home - The Kitchen

My kitchen is at the center of our home and although I am not a chef - it is truly the heart of our home. I do not lie and pretend that I love to cook because it just isn't my truth. The kitchen will never be my favorite place - but since I have become a Mama I have had to learn to accept the chores of the kitchen and embrace making nutritious foods for my family - for the most part.  Cooking and meal planning is the hardest, most stressful part of being a Mother - for me. My husband is a great help and usually makes one of the daily meals. Lately though I have been into a nice groove and we all have been eating well. I took a few snap shots of some of my favorite meals from last week.

We love french toast! It is so quick and easy to make and tastes way better than any frozen, processed alternative. To add a little more nutritional value I add sweet potato baby food.
  • 5 eggs
  • a splash of milk
  • two capfuls of organic vanilla extract
  • lots of cinnamon
  • large jar of sweet potatoes (baby food)
Scramble it up 
Dip Whole Wheat or Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread
Let it soak up the goodness
Put a little butter into the pan
Brown on both sides

Add a little butter, a touch of organic Maple syrup and some fresh fruit and I have a happy girls. Vivy likes to have turkey sausage with hers - she is our meat eater - the rest of us likes carbs and cheese.

Geir and I have been skipping the french toast and replacing them with smoothies. I have concocted a new smoothie that we just love. The ingredients are organic cocoa powder, avocado, vanilla yogurt, honey, almond butter, flax meal, coconut milk, frozen strawberries and a fresh banana. This keeps us going until early afternoon  and then we have some hummus, flat-bread and veggies for lunch. The little ones are not vegetarian but Geir and I are and in need these essential fats. If I don't have these types of fats and protein I start to crave for all things pastry and the more pastry I eat the more fatigued I become.

I made some delicious vegetarian french onion soup for dinner the other night.

 Cheese is my other weakness. So are these rolls...

They just happen to be french too - an unintentional theme. 
At the end of the night I take the time to clean and  organize my  kitchen for the next day - if not I cringe and get overwhelmed with having to make breakfast the next morning.  So no wonder I always prefer eating out...but that isn't really how I want my family to enjoy meals together. So I am making the effort to eat out less - a challenge because we have such a soft spot for the vegetarian cafe just minutes away and Jules pizza - an all organic pizza place that offers glutton free pizza and yummy salads. Eating out poses all sorts of pros and cons but in the end I really want my family eating around my kitchen table.

To that end - I love burning incense and I do it as part of my routine once I have the little ones in bed. It is my way of reclaiming the house and setting it up for the next day. Incense has a calming, meditative effect and clears out old energy making way for the new energy. 

Energy that I need to work in the kitchen.


  1. your french toast, did indeed look yummy...I am trying to give up bread so I have banned french toast from my agenda...everything looked yummy...
    keep cooking...

  2. I love the idea of adding pureed sweet potato to the french toast...your french onion soup looks delicious. I've always been a little intimidated by french onion soup--the making of it at least.

    I have a copy of Christopherus' kindergarten curriculum that I am ready to pass on. Would you be interested?? I have highlighted and written in it so it's not "like new".

  3. I found this post interesting, as my husband and I are vegan but we are unsure of how we'll go about food choices with our daughter. We may have our daughter be veggan (vegan with eggs);)

  4. I loved this post. Not important, just wondering, what kind of incense do you use? I have always loved incense and recently at the Renaissance Festival I bought some resin and a resin burner...


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